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Wedding Video Highlight, Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Alex & Lenny

We filmed Alex & Lenny’s #SagoGulaMelakaWedding at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya recently. We loved how it was full of laughter, made even more colourful by their fun friends who performed at the wedding. There were heartfelt moments when Lenny’s mom teared as she walked her down the aisle at the church. We felt truly honoured to be part of this beautiful occasion.

Alex & Lenny’s Story

It all started in 2010. At a fitness outfit called Original Bootcamp Malaysia (OBC). Training was at 5.45am, 3 times a week at Padang Astaka. Sometimes after the training, the recruits as they were called, often hung out for breakfast and also went on hikes together at various locations within the Klang Valley. It was through this activities that Alex and Lenny became good friends.

Interestingly, they were also ‘technically’ colleagues. Alex worked at BMW Malaysia based in Cyberjaya while Lenny worked at BMW Financial Services Malaysia. So they often met when there were company events. Then one day in October 2012, Lenny got offered a position at BMW Financial Services Australia, based in Melbourne. Alex was devastated – and he didn’t know why. It then clicked that he’d miss her more than he would miss a good friend who got a transfer overseas.

Lenny was scheduled leave and start her new role in Melbourne on 16 December 2012 (a significant date since it was also the date of the wedding). So Lenny and Alex increased the frequency of their OBC activities, hiking excursions and happy hour sessions. There was just something there and they just wanted to make the most out of their remaining time together.

As the days came closer towards Lenny’s departure, Lenny and Alex grew closer too (movie dates and teddy bears involved). And then the day of Lenny’s departure came, and despite the impending separation, they finally spoke to each other about being together and…that was the conversation that sealed it in for them.

Embarking on a long distance relationship (LDR) is no easy feat. But they survived. In August 2016, Alex made the move to Australia and planned to pop the proposal question at the Coldplay concert on 9 December 2016.  The stage was ‘literally’ now set. After weeks of memorising the order of the setlist, Alex picked ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ to be the song where he pops the question. The song came. She said yes! Everything after was Magic. An Amazing Day it was with a Sky Full of Stars. Again, literally.


Videographers: Chi Yin, Joel & Jemsen
Church Ceremony Location: Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, KL
Dinner Reception: Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya
Groom’s Attire: Ken’s Tailor (church), Surya Amitbals Trading (dinner)
Wedding Gown: Luv Bridal & Formal Melbourne
Evening Gown: Surya Amitbals Trading
Make up & Hair: Jenny Fan
Decorations: Sophia (church), Crystal Crown (dinner)
Cake: Accidental Bakers
Dinner Entertainment: Colour of Voices, Soraya Barakbah
Photographer: James Lew

East Meets West, and some chickens: The Wedding of David & Michele

The bride Michele says…

We like to joke and tell people we met on the internet, as that often gets a reaction. The truth is we met in London while working for a bank. The All Blacks from NZ drew us together. We wanted a truly traditional Chinese wedding, and since Dave reckons he is half Chinese, so only a quarter of him needs to juggle between Western and Eastern traditions. Considering that he is top notch in mahjong, can handle sambal petai, all of our Chinese delicacies, and my crazy Chinese cooking, he’s doing pretty well. We have yet to train him on the lovely durian, but I believe with time, he will be fully assimilated. Resistance is futile, my dear…

It was great to relive the moments as the photos made us realise how much of the day we did not see. It made us grateful for our friends and family.

The photographer Weiming says…

The first thought I had was… we have the same surname, how cool! The wedding was held in Seremban and Nilai, with guests from all over the world. It was full of emotions… with lots of laughter, hugs and kisses. David and Michele are extremely accommodating. I mean, David was even willing to take some portraits under the hot sun with his suit on. (By the way, it was photographed at 1pm under Malaysian sun) Family and friends were really involved in the wedding, and Michele’s gown was even designed by her cousin. What a personal touch!

The cinematic film below shows what an amazing day it was and how much fun we all had on that day. We love the personalised vows as well!