Alvin & Melissa’s Zany & Fun Pre-wedding

Photographer: Grace
Hair & Make up: Charlie from Michelle Touche team
Wedding Gown & Cheongsam: Divine Couture
Groom’s suit: Granoff
Shoes: Stefano & Mario limited, Christian Louboutin
Location: Carcosa Sri Negara

I find it really amusing when a bride & groom can look super glamorous like this one moment…

And absolutely zany and crazy the next moment!

Fun, laughter and silly ideas. That totally describes the kind of shoot we had for Alvin & Melissa’s pre-wedding. Add to that equation a vintage Morris Minor that belongs to Alvin’s mom, lots of love and it becomes an amazing shoot!

It’s not very surprising that Alvin and Melissa came up with these creative ideas as they are both extremely talented and creative people. Melissa works in an advertising agency, and she even gave me a printed brief of what she wanted for her pre-wedding photography session! On the day of our shoot, I was tickled when I saw this sign outside their room door…

So sweet! Aaw, I think I melted into nothingness then. :) Alvin and Melissa even prepared chocolates for me! How thoughtful!

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Vincent & Jen’s portraits

Photographers: Grace, Johan & Mark
Location: Majestic, Malacca

If you did not shoot a pre-wedding portrait session, you can always opt for a day-after session! You’re now husband and wife, the stress of planning your wedding is over, and you can just relax! The very next day after Vincent and Jen’s wedding, we spent 2 hours at the Majestic’s grounds taking photos. I love the old decor in this place! And also how candies from my childhood memories are randomly placed at various locations within the hotel. Yummy! Enjoy the pics!

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Singapore Art Museum Wedding: Ben & Jun

Photographers: Grace & Ian Chong
Wedding Gown, Groom’s Attire & Make Up: Blush Blush Singapore
Decorations: Defloral Gallery, Singapore
Church Ceremony: Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
Dinner Reception: Carlton Hotel Singapore

When Jun first contacted me about her wedding shoot in Singapore, I was ecstatic. I had never shot an actual day wedding in Singapore prior to this wedding. And then when she told me that her wedding was to be held at the Singapore Art Museum, I was squealing like a little girl (of course outwardly, I appeared all calm and professional). Anything with the words “artsy and colonial” definitely gained 200 brownie points in my book.

After a little crisis two days before Ben and Jun’s wedding, I was glad to have landed safely on Singaporean soil. Since Ben and Jun live in Perth, I did not have the chance to meet up with them until the day before the wedding. Instantly, I knew I could connect with them. Hearing their funny stories about each other made me laugh too. It’s so good I have to share it here…

Ben’s Story:

We met in a “safe” environment in church. The first impression that I got was: “this girl is bubbly and she can talk.” What attracted me was her outgoing nature and her ability to talk. This was the second time I met her in the company of 10 people. We went into a discussion about food in Malaysia and other random bits. The amazing thing was throughout the conversation, I was attentive to her, and found myself participating in that conversation in spite of having eight others talking in the background.

Growing up in a family that loves food, I come to realise soon enough is that she is a keen lover of food too and many of your dates were based on food tasting which was pretty cool but those dates certainly did not help my waist line.

One thing that never fails to amaze me is her beautiful voice. I can still remember the first time when I heard her sing in church. Words just don’t do justice to the sweet voice I heard that day. Mesmerise might be a good enough word to use and since, I have never allowed an opportunity to slip by to listen to her singing.

After knowing Jun for almost three years, I am still amazed at how thoughtful and caring she can be. The way she treats her family, her friends, “wow” is the word I use to describe it. Of course that caring nature does flow on into our relationship. Those times when I needed assistance, tender loving care, she has always been there for me. I am truly thankful to have found someone to spend my rest of my life with.

If there was an analogy that I could use to describe Jun, It would be a piece of onion with many layers. She has showed me different aspects from the sweet loving “Everything is fine” to the “This is not going to work”, Gung-ho attitude. All I can conclude is the more I get to know her, the more loveable she becomes.

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Engagement Portraits: Mak & Elsa

He cracks a joke, and she laughs. And when Elsa laughs, the whole world smiles along with her. Mak & Elsa are a pretty laid back couple. They are willing to try anything and are pretty sporting even when I told them to sit in a cracked bath tub on the roof top of the Heritage Hotel!

It was a hot, humid day when we did this shoot but Mak was a sport. He willingly stepped out into the hot sun in his suit and smiled away. I sometimes wonder how is it that we’ve come to adopt this ‘style’ of dressing in Asia. The weather is HOT near the equator. Suits were made for cooler countries! Mak doesn’t really look like he’s sweating buckets here, but I am sure he was hoping for an air-conditioned room!

Elsa’s gorgeous gown is from Pretty in White, one of our recommended gown partners.

The lace details on this gown is intricate and beautiful.

A change of gown, location & flowers…

Another gorgeous gown from Pretty in White. I love gowns with bits of colour in them.

Shooting from sunset till night gives you lots of opportunity to play with lighting…

Looking forward to your wedding in May!

Portraits: Albert & Michelle

I’ve known Michelle since I started working in KL and attending Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC). She was the person who brought me to cell group, who did an amazing job decorating my wedding venue, and has been a true friend through the years. Some time back, Alex and I started a social group called Rendezvous where single Christians can meet, mingle and get to know different people through various activities. Together with a few other friends, we organized a fun treasure hunt, and encouraged Michelle (then single!) to join in. She did, and that’s where she met Albert… who was in the same ‘group’ as her. After a few other outings on their own accord, they discovered that they kinda clicked, and soon after, started dating.

And now I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to take their portraits and also their wedding in August! Michelle and Albert love taking photos. They are natural at posing, and Michelle looks absolutely stunning in these photos. Part of Michelle’s interest is coordinating weddings, and she makes a great wedding planner! She has coordinated quite a number of weddings and I must say, is a really organized person. It’s no surprise then that she and Albert started planning their wedding waaaay ahead of time and by now, she has sorted out her venue, photographer, deco, cards, guest list, phew… Albert is really supportive of Michelle as she runs around coordinating not only her own wedding but others.

I really had a good time with the both of you, looking forward to August!!










This wasn’t the only portrait shoot we had… here’s another set of images, taken much earlier. You’ve seen the elegant side of Michelle, now you get to see her fun side! And of course, Albert’s pretty fun as well! ;)