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Planning a kid’s baking party

This year, my daughter turned 6. Every year, I tell myself to do something simple for her birthday, but it always ends up elaborate! I guess it’s too much fun trying to think of party themes especially since she is at such a cute, young age. Last year, I had a lot of fun planning a unicorn party for Krysta and a fire station party for Kyle. If you’d like to view those photos, click here.

Thank God I had the help of another mother this year. We planned a joint chef / baking party for Krysta and Sherisse who were born 2 days apart. If you’d like some tips on how to plan a baking party, here’s how we did it at a low cost: Continue Reading

A book-themed Pre-wedding: Alvin & Lynette

20150818_PRE-WEDDING_ALVIN_LYNETTE_0173It’s a bookish kind of love. Sort of. Well, how do we put it… she loves books, and he doesn’t (other than comic books). Lynette is one book-reading machine – she can devour 3 books in a day! Lynette’s always nagging Alvin to read more books other than comics, so it was quite fun to illustrate this dynamic relationship through images. I love how Lynette also made her entire bouquet out of comic books (poor Alvin – I hope it didn’t come from his beloved collection!).

20150818_PRE-WEDDING_ALVIN_LYNETTE_0184Other than this book connection, Alvin and Lynette have another geeky connection – their shared love of Star Wars. We love their customised t-shirts and their entire make shift ‘campsite’ – representative of the idea that they’ll go camping together one day. Alvin loves the night sky and twinkly little lights, but somehow has never gone camping before. Lynette, on the other hand, has had countless camping experiences, especially when she was studying in Australia. So I guess an indoor camping trip to our studio would have to do for now! (sorry, we didn’t manage to paste the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling that day).

There’s so much about this couple that we love… but we’ll leave their story for their wedding blog post, which will happen next year, as they are getting married this January!

20150818_PRE-WEDDING_ALVIN_LYNETTE_0020 Continue Reading