Love Treats – Debbie & Eric

Debbie called me one day and said, “I want to surprise Eric for his birthday!” And so we organized a portrait session for the both of them. On Eric’s birthday, Debbie showed him the receipt for the portrait shoot. He was stunned! I thought it was such a sweet idea for a birthday present. It’s not just tangible (they get cool photos + a cool album!), but a whole new experience between the both of them. I’ll be photographing their pre-wedding in Pangkor Island next month, and I can’t wait for it! The both of you are super fun to be with, thanks for making the photography session a breeze!

Adventures in Holland

The past one week has been a whirlwind of an experience. From the moment I touched down in Amsterdam on the 4th of August till the wedding day, I’ve been running on adrenaline. After spending 2 days in Amsterdam, I came down with a full blown fever and flu on the third day. It was a really challenging time for me since I was by myself and having to lug heavy equipment and bags all over Holland while blowing my nose at the same time is not something I was looking forward to do.


Some sights around Amsterdam.


20090804-amsterdam-001 20090804-amsterdam-010

But I had to muster whatever strength I had and travel about an hour away by train to meet Christina and Chee Su at Zwijndrecht. That evening itself we were supposed to have our pre-wedding shoot but since I was not feeling too well we decided to postpone the main part of it till the next day. Instead we went to a nearby river for some quick shots.

The next day, we went to Kinderdijk, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The place is covered with mindmills and the landscape is absolutely stunning! We spent about 2 hours there and I even had time to climb up one windmill (as a 10 minute touristy thing). That afternoon, I crashed for 4 hours since I was still weak from the flu. Later in the evening we came back for more photos! Christina and Chee Su braved their fears and went out onto the water in a really unstable row boat. Thank God it didn’t overturn! Here are some teaser shots from the shoot.





Jack & LeAnne – Pre-Wedding at Putrajaya

I’ve been to Putrajaya a number of times but all this while, I’ve never shot there before. So when Jack and LeAnne requested for a pre-wedding shoot in Putrajaya, I thought, ok where to start!? There’s just too many buildings and too many choices. The best thing about Putrajaya as I discovered was the lalang. Plentiful of good lalang to take shots in! :) We started our shoot in the afternoon and carried on till after sunset. I love how Putrajaya looks at night, it’s just a completely different feeling to the day shots.

Jack and LeAnne seem quite at ease in front of the camera. Jack is into photography as well, so Leanne’s pretty good at posing in front of the camera. She has had practice. :) It’s easy to make her look good on camera because she is super photogenic. I’ll be shooting their wedding in Ipoh this coming week, so am looking forward to that!



20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_025 20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_030

Don’t they look gorgeous together? Her laughter is so infectious.


Her gorgeous gown is from our vendor partner That Special Occasion. You can choose from a variety of gowns when you book a pre-wedding session with us.

20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_050 20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_053






I don’t usually shoot pre-weddings on my own because it’s a lot easier when you have someone holding a flash or light for you! This time round, I had 2 with me – Nigel Sia who recently joined the Wedding Story team and Hafiz Ismail who tagged along that day. Thanks Hafiz for pointing the way to good lalang. :) Here’s a funny shot of the both of them clowning around!


The sunset in Putrajaya that day was absolutely stunning! I haven’t seen such a good sunset within 50 km radius of KL for quite some time.