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Double Happiness Wedding: Christian & Sindee


Christian and Sindee first met in Vienna years ago when she was a student there. After being together for 15 years (which is amazing on it’s own), they flew back to Malaysia in 2016 for their wedding. For both the tea ceremony and the evening reception they wanted to have simple, elegant and fresh décor. They had an oriental touch with Chinese elements, such as lanterns, the double happiness stand, and local flowers which matched very well with the 1930s chinese jazz music the band was playing. The best part of the evening was their grand entrance with a lion dance performance!

Personally, I love seeing a blend of different cultures coming together like this. It tickles me to see all these ‘mat salleh‘ in our local terms (or rather, foreigners) playing fun games and eating chicken feet to get to the bride. You can’t tell from these photos, but Chris was suffering from bad food poisoning the morning of the wedding. He was such a trooper, and didn’t allow the tummy aches from robbing his joy! It was a lovely day filled with wonderful moments and we are so glad to be part of this celebration.

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The Wedding Photo Collection: 2015

Last year, we had the privilege of photographing many amazing couples – many of whom have ended up as friends. One of the greatest satisfactions we get as a photographer is being that connection – we help people connect with their emotions as they recall their joyous wedding occasion. So much love is present at all the weddings we have photographed – last year, we photographed all sorts of cultural weddings – from the traditional Chinese wedding to a modern beach wedding and even two middle eastern weddings.

Personally, today, I celebrate 10 years of marriage to my husband Alex Lam, who have been such an amazing pillar of support. It’s hard work to make a marriage flourish, but I thank God who helped nudge me in the right direction when I needed to change an attitude or swallow my pride at times. You can be in love with someone even more than the day you say your vows!

As you listen to the vows of all our clients, may you be touched and reminded that love is the greatest emotion of all.

Wedding Video Highlight: Stephen & Jen

Stephen and Jen love each other so much, they got married to each other over and over again! They had not one, but 3 ceremonies, with 2  Western ceremonies in the UK and the 3rd one in KL. Stephen who grew up in the UK, thought it would be really different and fun to participate in the Chinese tradition of ‘picking up the bride’. He was such a sport and even donned a Chinese outfit for the wedding (though initially, he lacked the pants that went with it!). Jen loves to laugh, and it was obvious that these two enjoy life and experiencing many different things together.

Watch their wedding video highlight to find out more:


Videographers: Stories team (Chi Yin, Delvin, & Nick)
Location & Cake: Prince Hotel, KL
Wedding Gown: Pronovias
Evening Gown: Divine Couture
Groom’s Attire: Aspey
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Make up & Hair: Chufan
Photographer: Sih Han Photography

East Meets West, and some chickens: The Wedding of David & Michele

The bride Michele says…

We like to joke and tell people we met on the internet, as that often gets a reaction. The truth is we met in London while working for a bank. The All Blacks from NZ drew us together. We wanted a truly traditional Chinese wedding, and since Dave reckons he is half Chinese, so only a quarter of him needs to juggle between Western and Eastern traditions. Considering that he is top notch in mahjong, can handle sambal petai, all of our Chinese delicacies, and my crazy Chinese cooking, he’s doing pretty well. We have yet to train him on the lovely durian, but I believe with time, he will be fully assimilated. Resistance is futile, my dear…

It was great to relive the moments as the photos made us realise how much of the day we did not see. It made us grateful for our friends and family.

The photographer Weiming says…

The first thought I had was… we have the same surname, how cool! The wedding was held in Seremban and Nilai, with guests from all over the world. It was full of emotions… with lots of laughter, hugs and kisses. David and Michele are extremely accommodating. I mean, David was even willing to take some portraits under the hot sun with his suit on. (By the way, it was photographed at 1pm under Malaysian sun) Family and friends were really involved in the wedding, and Michele’s gown was even designed by her cousin. What a personal touch!

The cinematic film below shows what an amazing day it was and how much fun we all had on that day. We love the personalised vows as well!


A blend of cultures: Roy & Pek Yee

It was an epic wedding – full of wonderful moments that will be etched in my mind forever. Roy’s humour brightens the day and keeps us entertained while Pek Yee’s infectious (loud) laughter reminds me of my childhood friends who are equally boisterous. The wedding was split to 2 days… the first half was the Chinese wedding ceremony in KL, followed by a beach wedding at the colonial-looking Danna, Langkawi. Seriously, I consider this a 6-star wedding…not just because of the gorgeous location and beautiful decorations that adorned the venue, but because it had all the elements that made it special – a superb couple that was so easy to click with, really fun guests who made the party happening, and family members who treated us like… family. Most of the decorations were done by Roy and Pek’s friends and family members… amazing flower decorations by Pek’s aunt June and stationery by her friend Hooi Yee.



Through out my stay at The Danna, my team were treated so well by the staff there. I appreciate it that they didn’t see us as merely vendors, and saw to our every need, making sure we had water to drink all the time, made sure we had a decent place to have our meals, brought us cutlery and even offered us home made butter when it wasn’t necessary! Needless to say, the team ate well and slept really really well the night before and after the wedding, which made us really happy campers!

I love it how Roy and Pek Yee blend so easily into each other’s culture. Swiss and Malaysian cultures are worlds apart, yet, they seem so at home with each other, and even speaking a little of each other’s language. Roy’s Mandarin is definitely better than mine, since I am a pure ‘banana’ as how Malaysians would put it (yellow on the outside, white on the inside – someone whose first language is English).


So, they met in Shanghai, China about 3 years ago… and here’s how the story goes…

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