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From tears to laughter: Philip & Su Lin

The best weddings are those that cause you to either burst into tears or hysterical laughter. Just the energy of the day is enough to turn any sleep-deprived bride into one that is running purely on adrenaline. I love weddings like these. Weddings that exude so much joy and feeling, it makes me smile like a silly girl behind her camera. I loved Philip and Su Lin’s wedding because it just made me feel so alive (despite that silly flu I was suffering from!).


From the word go, everything went beautifully. Philip and Su Lin, you are so loved by your friends and family. I can just see it. The word fun just exudes from the relationships you share with the people around you. Thank you for being so caring and thoughtful, especially when I couldn’t shoot the dinner event because I was too ill to continue.

May you enjoy years of cherished moments together as a couple and with the people that mean the most to you in life.



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Cyberview Lodge Garden Wedding: Chris & Anusha

She thought of her early conversations with him, and how he envisioned her in this gorgeous white wedding gown… and she felt sad. Not because they weren’t going to tie the knot, in fact, he had already proposed… but she felt sad that if she only had a Hindu temple wedding, his dream wouldn’t come to pass.

Though finances were tight, they went ahead and planned for a garden wedding ceremony too. And his dream of seeing her in a gorgeous white wedding gown came to pass.

Chris and Anusha, the both of you look stunning!

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