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doubletree by hilton

Wedding Video Highlights: Heng Hooi & Chyi Chern

Gosh, it’s already February! Happy Chinese New Year to those who are still in the holiday mood and not feeling like doing any work. :) As for me, I had a great time with my family who flew in from Australia, New York and Malacca. Yup, we ate and ate and talked about everything under the sun. Ok to kick start this week, I’ll share a video from a wedding that happened a few months ago. Heng Hooi and Chyi Chern are such friendly people, they are genuine and are not afraid to show their emotions during their wedding day!

Here’s their story as told by the groom:
We met over work where she was acting for the purchaser while I was the adviser for the seller. To this day, she swears that her first impression of me was that I was a loud person but helpful person. And all this while, I always thought that she found me smart and charming during the time we worked together. Sigh! My first impression of her was that she was wearing a blue skirt and she was very cheerful, pretty and funny. I guess it was these characteristics that made me want to get to know her more even though we were, so to speak, on opposing sides. As we spent more time together, we began to notice that our thinking and characteristics were closely similar. Who says that only opposites attract each other… Its because of these similarities that make me believe we fit so well with each other. Guess one can say in a cheesy way that we were meant to meet each other and share a life together.


Photographers & Videographers: Stories Team (Grace, Jamie, Chi Yin, Delvin & Nick)
Wedding & Evening Gown: That Special Occasion
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss
Make up & Hair: Aivy Yong
Shoes: Celest Thoi
Decorations: Flower Frenzie & Wishing Tree
Dinner Reception & Cake: Doubletree by Hilton
Dinner Entertainment: Malcolm Music

Strong Family Ties: Wedding Video Highlight of Adrian & Carol

It is every parent’s dream that the family stays close together. Not just being physically close, but emotionally bonded. Even after marriage when the children have left the home. I don’t think Adrian and Carol’s parents have anything to worry about in this department. The love and strong family ties they share will guarantee a good relationship that lasts till the next generation.

As photographers and videographers, we always say a silent ‘YES!’ (and mentally high five each other) whenever anyone crying at a wedding. But when both the bride and groom shed a tear, and their parents cry… well, I think that almost deserves a double high five. I guess we just love filming these moments because we know that years from now, they will cherish it as they relive the memories captured on camera.

Their story began years ago when Adrian was completing his studies in Melbourne and Carol was back in Malaysia, working. They didn’t actually know each other then, but Adrian connected with Carol on Facebook through her cousin. After he graduated, he returned to Malaysia and decided to connect with his new found friend, Carol. Many months passed and Adrian fell in love with Carol. He confessed to her one day telling her he liked her, but her response “Thank you!” confused him. After a few days of thinking it through, and going through her boyfriend check-list, Carol decided that she’ll give him a chance.

And so, this year, Adrian and Carol were married at DUMC. Their wedding dinner was held at Doubletree by Hilton with lots of song and dance! Enjoy their wedding video highlight!

Videographers: Delvin, Jay & Felicia
Church Ceremony: DUMC
Dinner Reception: Doubletree by Hilton
Make up & Hair: Rynee Tan
Photographer: Jim Liaw
Decorations: Wishing Tree
Dinner Entertainment: Beevers

Church wedding: Kevin & Michelle

Photographers: Grace, Johan, Ian Chew, & Weiming
Make Up: Steven Sunny
Wedding Decorations: MNG Bouquets
Church Ceremony: Zion Lutheran Church, KL
Lunch Reception: Ishq Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Hotel
Dinner Reception: Doubletree by Hilton

Kevin is a funny, witty and articulate person in love with Michelle… and cars. During the lunch reception, Kevin’s mom gave the guests an insight into his passion for cars. Ever since Kevin was a child, he could tell you the technical specifics of each car model. It’s no surprise then that on their wedding day, a gorgeous Bentley rolled up to send Michelle from home to church.

Michelle is a soft spoken, gentle and elegant lady. I first met her when I was featured on Faces magazine as one of the Top 10 female wedding photographers. As the editor for Faces, Michelle has an eye for detail and beauty. All the lovely details on their wedding day were planned by her – from the turquoise theme colour to their customized logo design.

I have so many images I’d love to share (as usual) but I can’t do all of that here. So, I’ve included a same day slideshow at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Now those are mighty high platform shoes!

Kevin proposed to Michelle with this watch. Yes, a watch, and not a ring! Another personal touch… Michelle wore her grandmother’s necklace on her wedding day. That was really sweet!

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