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Pre-Wedding Love Story: Tze Seong & Joanne

Tze Seong & Joanne’s Love Story from Stories on Vimeo.

One of the services we offer is a dramatized, personalized pre-wedding love story. It’s a unique way of sharing your story with your wedding guests. Every Love Story video is different, and we can incorporate interviews into the video as well.

All that’s being presented in this video is true historically, from the attire, to the gifts, to the venue, etc, and that meant that we shot their first date in Jonker Walk, Malacca! Thank God that Joanne could remember all the details! Well, men are always forgetful when it comes to these kinda things, eh? ;)

Tze Seong’s from Malacca, while Joanne’s from Negeri Sembilan and even though they are neighbours state-wise, they actually fell in love in Penang at Excel Point Community Church. While she was checking out the cool drummer-boy, he was checking her out on Facebook, and that’s how it all started.

Both were very natural on camera, especially with Tze Seong being the joker, all smiles, in front and behind the camera were genuine, and we had a great time shooting, especially in Malacca when we truly had fun ourselves! The cafe at the of the video is actually just off Jonker Walk, called Calanthe Art Cafe, and they were very kind to allow us to shoot many shots within the premise during peak hours!



Videographer: Euwing