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Wedding at Le Meredien: Ken & Regina

A KL boy met this cute, dimply Malaccan girl in Sibu, Sarawak. Even though they both furthered their studies in the UK, their paths only crossed when they were sent by their respective employers for a work assignment in Sibu, Sarawak. By chance, Regina was assigned to the job halfway as a replacement for her colleague that left the firm. Perhaps it was God’s plan that it happened that way. So, what happens when you put an investment banker and a lawyer together? It’s either they get along or start blaming each other when things don’t go their way! Good thing for them, they got along, and their chats over dinners and suppers became the basis of a good relationship.

Regina’s initial impression of Ken:
(At work) – Looks unfriendly…didn’t even give me his name card! But dedicated to his work and one that is reliable as he is always helpful
(Out of work) – Always full of surprises and he never fails in any of his surprises for me! somewhat romantic, very caring and thoughtful, a family man. Definitely, meticulous!

Ken’s initial impression on Regina:
Cute and always cheerful (with the dimples), friendly and a good companion as she loves to talk and talk and talk…”you will never get bored even if you get stuck in the lift with her!”. Definitely can’t “drink” at all – 1 shot of whiskey and she starts puking (…in my car)

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