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Krysta’s 1st Birthday Party: Little Miss Theme

It’s been half a year since my beloved daughter Krysta turned one. It really just occurred to me how fast the year goes by (especially after they turn 1). When she was a baby, I would photograph her every month, just to see her physical changes. Maybe it was more apparent then… roll over, tummy time, crawling, walking… they were very real milestones. But after she turned 1… I don’t think I made such an effort to photograph her little moments or new milestones.

Now, with baby number 2 on the way, I have an even bigger challenge… to make sure I document his life with equal passion as I did Krysta’s. Even with the pregnancy, I am really not that ‘aware’ of the progress… when people ask me how far along I am… I have to think twice before replying. And that too, is with some hesitance.

I recently wrote a blog post about my intention to make time for family despite work commitments. I really do count it a blessing when I can spend half a day here or there midweek with my daughter, just doing simple things like reading a book together or playing chase in the living room.

Anyway, here’s some really belated photos of Krysta’s first birthday with a Lil’ Miss Theme. We chose the character Little Miss Chatterbox for her. Love the detail on the cake. I designed the logo and it was beautifully translated onto the cupcakes. We made little stickers with the logo too and placed it on cups and goodie bags. About 2 weeks before the party, I managed to find the Mr Men and Little Miss themed books from the Big Bad Wolf sale at a huge discount! So that made really nice gifts for the kids who came.

The food was a selection of my favourite hawker stall foods… everything from a lok-lok van to Village Park nasi lemak, to rojak from Bayu Timor… everyone loved it.

Photos were taken by Diane, and a few by Weiming.

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Onward, preggie mummy!

* Credit goes to my hubby, Alex Lam for taking this photo of me. Of course, with a little guidance from the ‘bossy lady photographer’!

It’s now the 18th week of my pregnancy, and I must say, it’s been a good 4 months so far. Initially, I was really worried about how my body would fare, balancing pregnancy and photography. I am happy to report that I pretty much breezed through my 1st trimester…

  • I only had minimal bouts of nausea. The top 2 things that would trigger my nausea were the floor detergent used in my studio and the restaurant cooking steamboat downstairs from the studio.
  • I only vomited four times in my first trimester. And the toilet was not too far away too! Yay!
  • I didn’t have any cravings. Unfortunately, this meant that I deprived Alex of the privilege of buying roti canai for me at 3am in the morning. Oh wait, I did have a craving once. I insisted on having a Peranakan Itik Tim soup for lunch one day.
  • My taste buds did change though. Everything I ate tasted too salty or sweet. Until… I passed that phase and wondered why every dish my father-in-law cooked tasted bland.
  • I didn’t feel overly fatigued, though I did sleep slightly more than usual.
  • Finally, I had to buy new bras & clothes, but hey, who’s complaining when it comes to shopping!

Thankfully, I managed to get through all my shoots for the 1st trimester without fainting in exhaustion. It was great to hear feedback from my clients too, when they said things like…

“Grace, even though you are pregnant..  and assigned us a third photographer, we felt that it is very professional of you to help us capturing all the great moments of the day and all the hard work that you put in making that day unforgettable for us.   We were sort of a little worry for you as you trying so hard capturing some of the great moments for us in the church.  Make sure you take it slow in your upcoming photo shooting..

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with such beautiful memorabilia of our most precious day of our lives,  erm.. even though we didn’t have a chance to glance through our photos yet… and every one is asking for it already!!!!”

– Amy & Enoch – 

“Dear grace and team, thank you for those wonderful n absolutely gorgeous pics (ourselves included)! :) When we first met u, we were indeed taken back by ur TnCs (have to say v onerous :) ) but we saw what u can do and glad to say that we couldn’t be happier. So thank u for you and ur team’s profesionalism (ur pregnancy didn’t hamper ur ability, the mozzy didn’t affect ur team s spirit (mostly ours…hehe)..thanks!”

– Wilson & Elaine – 

So now that it’s the 2nd trimester, people tell me that it’s the ‘honeymoon’ stage of pregnancy. I would feel healthier, stronger and better. The months pass by so quickly. I am indeed cherishing every moment of my pregnancy!