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Beach Wedding at Four Seasons Langkawi: Sean & Michelle

This love story was written 13 years ago in 2004, where Sean met Michelle for the first time at the Chinese Melbourne Community Quest. She was a contestant, and clearly captured the attention of Sean that night.

Their wedding day marks their 12th year anniversary. Their love for adventure and sunshine makes Langkawi the perfect destination location for their wedding. It was not surprising that they chose the beautiful Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi, well known for their white, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets. Tears were shed at this wedding, which made us feel really emotional too!

Congratulations to the newlywed Moos, may the road ahead be filled with more barefooted adventures in the sun.


Videographers: Chi Yin, Choo Cherk & Delvin
Photographers: Jon Low Studios
Wedding Ceremony Location: Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi, Malaysia
Groom’s Attire: Calibre shirt, Reiss shirt + pants
Wedding Gown: Hannii
Make Up & Hair: Susan La-Vu
Decorations & Flowers: Darling Florist
Stationery: Yue-Ying Tan

Beach wedding at Four Seasons, Langkawi: Chris & Lydia

Langkawi’s one of our favourite locations for beach weddings in Malaysia. The blue skies and gorgeous sunsets never cease to amaze us. No wonder some city folk I know have uprooted themselves and made Langkawi their home over the past few years! Chris and Lydia had their KL wedding ceremony a week before their Langkawi leg, and what a good choice it was! After their church ceremony in KL, it was party time in Langkawi! The vibe was relaxing and everyone was just out to have a good time. Enjoy the wonderful photography by Weiming and Nigel.

20150711-WEDDING_CHRIS_LYDIA_LANGKAWI-01Here’s some advice from Chris and Lydia on how to plan a beach wedding:

We chose Four Seasons because we wanted our guests to feel like they’re on holiday at a resort the moment they arrive. Furthermore the beautiful architecture of the bulidings and the landscaped gardens by the beach helped add to the getaway feel.

It is essential to have a Plan B for outdoor weddings and we felt comfortable with Four Season’s in case it rains. The rhu bar at Four Seasons is an open air shaded area overlooking the beach which can be converted to accommodate the wedding ceremony if needed. And since we wanted to be as close to the beach as possible, rain or shine, this was perfect!

The beach can be extremely hot especially during the dry, hot months. So choose the cooler months and dress appropriately. We wanted a more casual wedding and thus didn’t opt for the full suit and tie. Our overseas guests certainly appreciated that they could pack light :)

We also provided some additional items for our guests like sunglasses, mosquito repellent, heel stoppers, sun block, hand fans, and snacks. There were also rental cars for their use in case they needed them to head out to the city. Guests will definitely appreciate these little thoughts when they arrive at your location.

Lastly, it’s important just to enjoy the moment and the whole occasion with the family and friends who have made the journey. Talk and mingle, laugh and reminisce. Time really flies when you’re having fun and before you know it, the day will be over.


Wedding at Four Seasons, Langkawi: Masafumi & Yuko

20141123_WEDDING_MASAFUMI_YUKO_249For someone who works in the hotel line, Yuko knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding. Since she works at the Four Seasons hotel in Shanghai, Yuko decided to have her wedding at another Four Seasons hotel… but in Langkawi! It was Nigel and Jamie’s first wedding shoot at the Four Seasons so they really enjoyed going around the resort, taking portraits for the couple before the ceremony. Beautiful venues always inspire creativity!

One of the challenges they faced though was language! Everyone was speaking Japanese, and unfortunately, Nigel and Jamie’s vocabulary was limited to “Arigatou gozaimasu” and “So! So! So! So!” Good thing for them, they could converse with the couple in English.

Honestly, language has never been a barrier for us in creating beautiful images. For someone like me who can only speak English and Malay even though I am of Chinese heritage… almost EVERY single wedding in Malaysia has bits and pieces of conversation I cannot understand! There is one language that is universal though, and that is the language of love.

That gentle touch… a smile… hands lightly caressing each other… two people just sharing a moment together.

For Masafumi and Yuko, those moments were captured on camera and yes, it made us smile.

20141123_WEDDING_MASAFUMI_YUKO_04920141123_WEDDING_MASAFUMI_YUKO_056 Continue Reading

Beach wedding in Four Seasons, Langkawi: John & Julia

What is there not to love about Langkawi, especially a wedding at the gorgeous Four Seasons with beautiful white sandy beaches and perfect sunny weather? John and Julia chose to get married at this lovely location, flying in guests from the UK to Malaysia. Since Julia is half Malaysian, I think it was apt that the wedding was held there. We love how quirky this couple is, and how everyone was just so candid and relaxed during a special ‘interview’ session we did on the day of the wedding. I love the story how they met too, but it’s best you watch the film to find out what it is! What an amazing day, filmed by our team of videographers. Enjoy the cinematic film!

Videographers: Lester & Eddie
Editor: Felicia
Location & Decorations: Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi
Photography: Sam Leong

Planning a Destination Beach Wedding

Langkawi-panoramaPlanning a destination beach wedding in Malaysia? Without a doubt, Langkawi is at the top of the list. It has everything – deep blue seas, white fluffy clouds, white sandy beaches, great 5-6 star resorts, duty free shopping and great Malaysian food. Of course the other famous beach wedding destinations like Maldives, Hawaii, Bali or Phuket has its own charm, but if you are hoping to have a beach wedding in Malaysia, Langkawi is the place.

As a team, we would take the one hour flight from Petaling Jaya to Langkawi pretty frequently to cover beach weddings there. Organizing a beach wedding can be relaxing and yet stressful at the same time. Everyone is away at an exotic location, just ready to have fun in the sun. But planning for a destination wedding from a faraway country on your own can be a pretty daunting task.

To make your life a little easier, I’d like to share some thoughts about how to best organize your day so that you can get the most out of your photography. Since I consider sunset as the focal point of the day, I’ll work backwards from there and give you a pictorial journey of planning a beach wedding from a photographer’s viewpoint.

1. Do check on sunset times for the date of your wedding. 

On average, the sun sets about 7.30pm in Langkawi, so a good time to start your ceremony would be 5.30pm. It will be slightly warm at that time, but starting this early would give you ample time for portraits and formals after the wedding ceremony. There’s always a rush to document all the dinner reception details too after the wedding, so if your ceremony starts too late, we will be running around like headless chickens trying to capture all the important shots before night falls. Ideally, I would like to have at least an hour for portraits after the ceremony ends. Continue Reading