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Santa’s Sock

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love listening to Christmas carols that remind me of Jesus’ birth, receiving and giving presents, and spending time with friends and family. This Christmas I haven’t really had much time to do all of the above as I have been rushing to complete and deliver work to clients after the peak wedding season of 2010. Yesterday, I came down with some flu-ish symptoms but took heaps of Panadol, vitamin C and my mother-in-law’s home made concoction for sore throats – the snakegrass pill (don’t ask me what it is really!). Topped off with a yummy dose of tong yuen (I love those glutinous rice balls!), I am all better already.

I am constantly grateful about what I have in life. God has been good to me all these years, and this year is no exception. I have written a full blog post reflecting about the year that has just passed which will be shared next week. I am so grateful for the clients that have come through my doors, shared their lives with me and given me the privilege of capturing their life through my lens. And for all my blog readers and Facebook supporters who have encouraged me with their words.

Sooooo…. I’d like to give away some pressies to you… And since it is the end of the year when most people are away on holidays or traveling… these pressies are handpicked for you! (you can use them on your honeymoon too!)

1. iTunes gift cards (USD$25 each) – I am a geek and like to share the geeky-ness. You can use it to purchase songs, apps for your iPhone/iPad, and stock up on games like Angry Birds for your trip! I have two of these to give away!

2. Spider Podium – A stand for your iPhone or as a little grip for your small compact camera. Use it in your car, on your office desk, or just bend the legs and attach it to a chair. This is so that you can have an alternative tripod for your mini camera (sorry it won’t hold the weight of a DSLR) or just increase your cool factor.

3. TSA Locks – Keep your items secure when you travel. Something practical and can be used in ANY country in the world. Two to give away too.

4. Microbites – When traveling, something like this is really handy. Especially if you are on a backpacking trip across Vietnam or Cambodia! You will always have a spoon/fork/knife with you.

5. M Rock camera strap – While on holiday, you also need a trusty camcorder or camera strap. It’s lightweight but strong!

So, how do you get these gifts? All you have to do is leave a message for me… Share what you love about the Stories brand and one area we can improve on. You can comment on this blog post, on the Stories Facebook page or on Twitter (@StoriesMY).

I’ll select the seven best answers and will be randomly selecting the gift for you. Entries will be accepted until 31 December 2010. Merry Christmas!