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Wedding at Ayana Resort, Bali: Ka-Meng & Mary

20141129_WEDDING_KA-MENG_MARY_1101A dreamer meets a realist.

It was a match that was meant to be. Mary, in her fun, loud and expressive manner, added lots of colour to Ka-Meng’s palette. The fact that she also spoke non-stop added lots of flavour to this unique partnership. On the other hand, Ka-Meng, in his secure manner, made Mary stay put in one country and gave a lot of security to the relationship. The 8 year age gap they share is hardly an issue but of course there were times when their age gap became apparent. Especially when Ka-Meng recalled going to work in a pink mini bus and doing audits using a blue/yellow marker pen instead of the laptop!

They could have met in university but they didn’t. He was studying his Masters of Business Systems and she was doing a degree back then. In fact, he was tutoring some of the subjects she studied, but their paths never crossed.

Ten years later…

They got to meet each other at work, even though Mary was in the Singapore office and Ka-Meng was in Melbourne. In her words…

“It was purely work matter back then (wink wink), although I thought Ka-Meng was quite a cute guy…and I was the prettiest lady he ever met! We got really close when I moved to Melbourne. He helped me with my house move, chose my first bed, gave me iMac 101 lessons and made sure I was not left out in the office social events. That… created a lot of rumours in the office.”

Well it all worked out well professionally and in the romance department too, because here they are, married at last!

20141129_WEDDING_KA-MENG_MARY_1118The wedding was held in a gorgeous chapel at the Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali. Their friends and family members traveled to experience a ‘wedliday’ as they coined it… a combination of a wedding and holiday! The mood was really relaxed and despite the rain over the past few days in Bali. Planning an outdoor wedding overseas is pretty stressful, and because of the weather forecast, Ka-Meng and Mary decided to hold their dinner indoors. Thank God it didn’t rain during the ceremony! Ka-Meng and Mary were really hands-on with their wedding and Mary even created the wedding invite and photobooth props themselves!

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Joe & Nicole at Sekeping Serendah

Photographer: Grace
Hair & Make Up: Michelle Touche
Location: Sekeping Serendah, Selangor
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

It rained that day but stopped just as we were about to start our shoot. I’ve always wanted to visit Sekeping Serendah but the opportunity never materialized until Joe & Nicole’s shoot. Joe & Nicole live in Australia and we only communicated via emails prior to the shoot. When I met them for the first time in Pretty in White a few days before our shoot, Nicole told me, “Grace, I have flabby arms and we always fight. A lot.” So, armed with this knowledge, I thought of ways to hide flaws, highlight strengths and bring out their personality. (But frankly, Nicole, I don’t think you have flabby arms at ALL!)

For this shoot, we did something different – we took some behind the scenes footage and Weiming edited it into a fun video which we will post by tomorrow.

For now, have a look at some featured images…

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