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A dog with a message

Nowadays, it’s really hip to be green. Everyone is into doing environmentally friendly stuff, like in our office, we try to recycle plastic, tin and paper, and also do little things like making sure we use tupperwares or plates to tapao or pack our food, instead of using the usual styrofoam containers. We turn off lights or power switches if we are not using them, and choose fans over air-conditioning (when the weather permits!! This is more for me at home).

Soooo… I was really tickled when I saw this dog, named Boy, at a recent wedding I shot, with this green message. Makes me want to own a dog so that I can flash cool messages like that!

Next up… he’ll be in another outfit for the wedding… but that’s for another blog post.

Calvin + Audrey’s Indoor Garden Wedding: Part 1

Ceremony & Dinner location: Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Wedding gown: Neoromantic
Evening gown: Sophia Bridal
Cheong sam: Emerald Brilliant
Make Up: Hebe Leng
Cake: Wong Li Lian
Flowers: Lee Wah florist
Photographers: Grace & Mark

Audrey and Calvin sure know how to have fun. There’s never a dull moment when they are around. One of the stories that was told during dinner by the maid of honour, Jessica, was about how she and Audrey sneaked out of the house when they were 16 – with Audrey ‘borrowing’ her mother’s car and driving them to 1 Utama! I love the spontaneity and creativity that is so much part of who they are. Their wedding had all these elements combined together – lots of fun, laughter, spontaneous ‘madness’, and lots of creative moments!

I totally enjoyed myself at this wedding. The first part of the day was Chinese themed, and then garden style, and finally, ending up in a classy ballroom!

Introducing… gorgeous Audrey.

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