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Chinese New Year Musings

I am always really happy whenever my family gets together and is complete. Chinese New Year is one of those times… when my brother comes back from the States and we can all sit together, enjoy a Starbucks coffee or o-chien and laugh over silly things. This year, he’s only in Malaysia for a week. The problem about time is that it just flies by so quickly. Soon, it’s time to say goodbye. Unwillingly.

Speaking about goodbyes, my entire family, including my brother’s friend Ariel who’s visiting from the US, helped to clear up our Malacca house over Chinese New Year. Some say that it’s pantang or bad luck to do that during CNY, but to us, it’s about being practical. I wrote about my home in Malacca some time back. This Chinese New Year, we cleared a lot of things, and said goodbye to many items that held memories. Some things will be kept purely because it’s sentimental, but lots of stuff will just need to be put aside, just like these plants that were left to fend for themselves.

My mom’s collection of recipes. Sadly I did not inherit her cooking skills.

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Meaningful objects

I guess I am a little sentimental. These things make me feel a little sad. You see, it reminds me of the past. Of laughter, sadness, anger, love… all the emotions that were experienced in this home. And then it brings my thoughts to the present. And what life is really like right now.

I visited my old home in Malacca today. It’s been empty for almost a year now. My parents have moved up to KL since it is no longer feasible for them to live on their own. But when I opened the doors and stepped onto the dusty floor of my living room, I felt as if time had just stood still. Everything was there where it was left months ago. The towel still on the chair, the toothpaste at the sink, the old Maggi mee that I had to throw away, photos of my family…

It was just there.

As if waiting for someone to claim them back.

It is inevitable. My siblings and I need to make the time to pack up the old things and sell the house, but there’s been many memories of this place and I’ve always called it home. But life is temporal and things change.

So, it is time to move on.

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