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Wedding Video Highlight: Jack & Krystal

It is not just on the wedding day that the team works really hard to shoot all the events. True, after 10 hours of shoot, most of us welcome the bed (and probably book a massage for the day after!). But the reality is, our work is far from complete. After every wedding, our post-production team works as hard, if not, sometimes, harder to create a masterpiece in the studio.

Having worked in the commercial film and TV industry for 6-7 years in the past, I know what it means to be anal about every single frame that goes into a cut. Fortunately for our clients, (but sometimes unfortunately for my editors), this quality of mine extends to our editing room. Every single video edit is checked and approved by myself before it gets sent to the client, even if I wasn’t there physically at that wedding. I believe that a good edit can ‘make or break’ a video. It’s these little hidden things that usually go unseen.

But in the case of Jack and Krystal, we’re really glad they truly appreciate and understand all the hard work that went into creating their wedding video highlight. We’re so pleased that you love our work! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to document these moments for you.

Jack & Krystal’s Story

We met through mutual friends during our time in Cardiff University in 2008 when we were studying for our Bar exams (which is a post-graduate qualifying course for law graduates).  We were course mates first, then friends before we took the final step of becoming a couple. In Law School, we were at the opposite ends of a spectrum. I was hardworking and neurotic about studying and Jack was fun loving and thought I was too bookish.

Through conversations, MSN chats and time spent together, we became friends and Jack developed an interest. I was not ready for a relationship but he earnestly and relentlessly pursued me and in the end, I was moved by his persistence, perseverance and sincerity.

We have been a couple for 4 years and have been through 2 rounds of long distance relationship – once for a period of one year when Jack stayed on to study for his Masters in Law in King’s College, London and another half a year when I was on a work secondment for half a year in Singapore.

As a couple, we have talked briefly about taking our relationship to the next step, but when Jack proposed during a trip home to his hometown in Alor Star, Kedah in the living room of the house he grew up in, I was truly surprised and very touched.

The engagement period and the wedding planning process is an extremely stressful period for any couple, and often this is the period that can make or break a relationship. For us, it was a stressful period, sometimes filled with tensions, tantrums and arguments, but we have always managed to resolve our differences and we have had very few hiccups. This period has forced us to listen, communicate better, find solutions that work and compromise.

We have fallen in love with each other countless times along the way since our first meet in Law School and more importantly, we have also grown in love. Our wedding planning journey has also been filled with many wedding planning breaks which have involved a few weekend trips to spend time together, to ensure that we do not lose sight of the most important part of the wedding and also so that we can return to the planning process with a fresh perspective.

We have had many happy adventures together, but getting married and embarking on a lifetime together will be the greatest and most exciting adventure yet. We cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Videographers: Stories Team – Felicia, Eugene, Nick (day), Salman (night)
Dinner Reception: Intercontinental Hotel, KL
Shoes: White Label by Wedding Isle
Make up & Photography: Lasposa Bridal Gallery
Flowers: Spring Cottage

The Wedding of Son & Jil

We would both like to say  how very very glad we are to have chosen Stories. It was the second largest expense on our tiny wedding budget (there goes the deposit for our home!) and as mentioned to Grace, we initially had doubts as to whether we could afford to spend that kind of money on just photos! However, I really fell in love with Grace’s work at first sight and watching our quick edit morning CD confirmed that it was worth the extra $$ we had to squeeze out for the photos! Everyone (including us) were so impressed by the professionalism and warmth exhibited by Grace, Ben and Andrew.

A special thanks to the team for the lovely shots (I really wanted the focus to be on the people, which Grace & team delivered beautifully), Ben for great editing (Son has burned too many copies of the DVD, my mum has distributed these to her entire village and Son has tortured our relatives and friends in Malaysia and Adelaide innumerably with it ‘cos he’s really pleased with how “yao-yeng” he looks in it) and we really really appreciate Ben and Andrew’s patience and understanding (in particular, Ben’s sensitivity towards Son’s nervousness at public speaking when he subtly suggested Son use the podium) during the loooong evening dinner.

Once more, we really really want to thank Grace, Ben and Andrew for making our special day all that much more special and we can’t gush on enough about how much we love Stories! :)

– Son & Jil –

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Romance at Intercontinental Hotel: Jeremy & Theng

I distinctly remember chatting on the phone with Theng’s mum, a couple of months before the wedding day. Since Theng and Jeremy live in the UK, Theng’s mum helped to organize many aspects of the wedding, including hiring a photographer! After a few phone calls, some emails, then a confirmation came, and the funds were banked in. And just like that (without ever speaking to Jeremy & Theng), we were booked for their wedding day.

A couple of days before the wedding, I dropped by Theng’s family home to meet up with everyone and to get to know Jeremy and Theng better. I was glad to find out that the dinner was going to be an intimate affair of 200 people. That’s really small for a typical Asian wedding, since most dinner receptions would have at least 300-400 people!

On their wedding day, we spent quite a bit of time doing some portraits around Intercontinental Hotel. I recently popped by Intercontinental for another shoot, and to my dismay, found out that part of the lobby is under renovation. So yeah, this staircase has been boarded up. I wonder what everything will look like once it’s done!

“We got engaged in February 2011 and started planning the wedding quite soon after.   As we both live in the UK, we decided to hold a small reception in London for our immediate family and close friends, as well as dinner receptions in KL and Hong Kong.  Planning a wedding from abroad was exciting but definitely challenging!  We had to rely on wedding blogs and personal recommendations to source for potential vendors.  With the help of our parents, multiple emails over the months and some last-minute planning a week before our reception in KL, we eventually managed to pull it off!  We had a great time and were very grateful that most of our friends from all over the world were able to attend.”

Jeremy & Theng 

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