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Church Wedding Video Highlight: Oleg & Stephanie

Oleg and Stephanie’s Story

We first crossed paths several years ago at an airport overseas while we were on very different journeys in our lives. At that time, I was facing a particularly challenging time in my life. I was in between jobs and feeling rather hopeless about love. We talked a little and exchanged details.

Oleg was very persistent in getting to know me. He sent me emails often, skyped me several times and eventually we started to speak over the phone. He was trying to convince me that a long distance relationship will work if two people really love each other.

During Christmas of 2012, I could not go home to KL. I was very disappointed. Oleg completely surprised me by showing up in Melbourne. It was during this time that we really got to know each other. We went on our first trip together to Sydney and had an awesome Christmas together. It was such an amazing trip. We spent 3 weeks together, and each time Oleg and I went somewhere romantic, he would whisper into my ear “please be mine”. At the end of that trip, my answer was “yes”.

It was quite challenging moving forward as we loved across miles. Oleg was based in Hawaii and I in Melbourne. We travelled back and forth every couple of months to see each other.

In the winter of 2013, Oleg came to visit me in Melbourne. He was insistent that we take a little trip somewhere. I organized a short weekend gateway to Phillip Island. We were really hoping to make it in time to see the penguins, but unfortunately, while driving there, I had to attend to an urgent work call. There we were, pulled up on the side of the highway while I attended to work. Oleg was so furious that my work had disrupted our little trip and that I even allowed myself to be on call (truth be told, I completely forgot that I was on call that weekend). Little did I realize that I had spoilt his proposal plans. Anyway, we finally reached our destination and he organized for a romantic dinner and towards the end of the evening, he popped the question.

Our relationship has been anything but convenient. But, never once did we feel that this is not worth it. He is my best friend and my true love (Oleg says: She is an amazing woman, my best friend and marrying her is the best thing I have ever done!)

About the Video

Dear Stories team, Thank you for putting together a beautiful video for Oleg and I. We are extremely happy with the final cut. Watching the video brought so many memories back.. at the end of the day, memories are all we have. Thank you for being part of ours.

From Us

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be involved in your special day! We are really happy that everything went well for the both of you on that day. Wishing you a wonderful married life together!

Videographers: Stories Team (Nick, Delvin, Chi Yin)
Church Ceremony: Our Lady of Lourdes, Klang 
Dinner Reception: Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL
Wedding Planner: Mun Tzin of Milestones
Wedding Gown: Vasiliki Couture, Melbourne
Evening Gown: J’adore, Melbourne
Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Shoes of Prey
Photography: Anna-Rina
Make up & Hair: Carmen Ng (morning) and Mabel Toh (evening)
Decorations & Flowers: Wishing Tree
Stationery: Etsy and friends
Cake: Diana Machado
Dinner Entertainment: Small Stones 

Church Wedding: Abel & Elizabeth


Liz says:

When I was studying for my A-levels in KL, I was attending a brethren church called Melawati Gospel Centre and was involved in the youth ministry. I attended a few inter-church activities where Abel’s church was involved too, but we never met. In Sept 2007, I went to Uni of Hertfordshire, UK to study. Before that, in a church activity, I bumped into a family friend who told me that a friend’s son was coincidentally also going there, and that if I needed any help, I should give him a call. Somehow, the contact exchange did not happen and I didn’t pay too much attention to that either.

I visited a Christian fellowship in university on the first week of my arrival and that’s where I first met Abel. He was very friendly to me and I think it was especially since we were from the same church background.

We spent a lot of time together in university, mostly due to involvement in church and fellowship activities. We were both in relationships when we first met, so we were just friends. Abel treated me like a younger sister all the time. Looking after me, watching out for me and saving me from any trouble I’d get into. The first valentines’ gift he gave to me was a spatula and 12 silicon cupcake cases with a handmade card (I had a baking thing going on then and that was what I needed which I told him during one of our casual chats)

The first thing that attracted me to him was his smell, which I later found out, was actually the smell of the washing detergent he used. At that time, I thought it was extremely lucky if his girlfriend was able to smell it all the time. (I do have a thing about smells!) I also love it that he was such a caring and sacrificial man too.

I started developing feelings for him when I was in my final year of university but nothing happened then. When my parents came for my graduation, during one of our trips, I told my dad that I had feelings for Abel. He encouraged me with some positive advice and prayed for me. He was quite fond of Abel so that was a relief. It was such a blessing to get to know Abel through different groups of friends as that would have put me at a good start of getting to know him as a person. I later discovered Abel had mutual feelings for me and the chase started.

Remembering what the family friend told me before I left for UK. Life sure has it’s surprises.

Abel Says:

When I met her in UK, Liz just looked cute and adorable to me. Just felt like pinching her cheeks! We became closer in the next 4 years and as we grew closer we started to have feelings for one another. One thing lead to another and we became a couple.


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Pre-Wedding in Pulau Ketam: Charles & Lih Woon

Pulau Ketam holds a special place in my heart. When I was a young photographer, one of my first outings was to Pulau Ketam. I remember meeting this old man reading his newspaper in an equally old shop. He said that many of the young people had left the small island to work in the city. Indeed, it felt as if time stood still on that island. Now, years later, as I revisited Pulau Ketam for Charles and Lih Woon’s pre-wedding shoot, I didn’t think very much had changed. It had an old school charm which made it really special.

What was meaningful was that Lih Woon’s parents used to work in Pulau Ketam years ago. We caught a private morning boat to the island from Klang jetty, just in time for sunrise.


Charles and Lih Woon accommodated my every request. We had to trek back and forth along small, dilapidated bridges, passing by wooden homes in the hot sun. The people on the island were really friendly, and even allowed us into their home compound for photos!



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