A Day in the Life: Larry & Christina

I got to know Christina through my involvement with ibu, and when I conducted a photography workshop there, she was one of the mothers who attended. Christina and her husband Larry have been living in Malaysia for a few years now, but the time has come to end that season here and return to Australia. But not without leaving with great memories, since their little son Jamie was made in Malaysia!

So I was invited to their home to capture a snippet of a day in the life of their family, amidst the ‘mess’ of packing. Since Christina’s a voice actor, you can imagine how wonderful the session went, with fun storytelling sessions coupled with dancing moves. I am glad that Christina and Larry are just so comfortable being themselves in front of the camera (with no make up and messy hair haha).

Jamie was hilarious. He showed me his fun, extroverted character and warmed to me easily. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, Christina, and I wish you all the best in this new phase of life!


We’re on the Move!


The next few months will be a time of exciting change for us at Stories. After moving around from venue to venue over the past few years, we’re now relocating into a permanent home which is at Oval Damansara! This building faces the Sprint highway and is opposite Tropicana City Mall. You can easily spot it from the highway especially with a number of furniture shops on the ground floor of the building.

Sooooo… to celebrate this move, we’re having a studio lifestyle portrait promo! Here’s the deal…

Interested in a studio maternity, family or personal portrait session with us?
Book any studio session this Feb or March and get 20% off the listed rates.
Block a weekday date between the months of Feb-April (not inclusive of public holidays) for your shoot.
Depending on the move date, the shoot will either be done at SStwo Mall or Oval Damansara.

Contact us to get our lifestyle portrait rate card.

Baby Palace Promo at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

For the grand opening of IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, you can get a 15% discount off any of our lifestyle photography packages whenever you spend RM300 and above at Baby Palace! Promotion only runs from 20th – 30th November 2014. Just email us your proof of purchase receipt when you contact us to make a photography booking. Hurray!


Time and The Notion of Success

Recently, a series of events has caused me to think about life, our notion of success and what we do with our time. I came across this post by one of my favourite photographers Jasmine Star, where she talked about the notion of busyness, and how oftentimes, we equate it with success.

“Oh, you’re busy? Your business must be very successful then!”

But she pointed out in her post that rest and relaxation are equal indicators of success… that it is important to have a work-life balance and have time for friends and family members.

A week ago, Alex and I started the first of a series of parenting classes conducted by our church. In this course, we watched a DVD with real, parenting issues as brought up by Nicky and Sila, the trainers. Then we discussed these issues between us and also in a small group setting. Through this course, we were reminded that children really need to feel loved and that one of the ways of filling their emotional tank is to spend intentional time with them.

One of the pitfalls of running your own business is the need to ‘constantly’ work 24-7. There were days when Alex and I would be sitting in bed, but both still replying emails or doing some form of work. It came to a point that I thought it was really unhealthy and we needed to set aside boundaries for ourselves. How easy it is to let time slide by, just doing things that consume us at that point in time, but not really things that are truly important!

In the video for the 1st week, a dad related the story of how he used to tell bedtime stories to his daughter, but every so often, his phone would ring, and she would plead with him to just ignore it and finish the story. He would say, “This is important…” and then one phone call led to another and another, and then half an hour later, he would come back to her room with her fast asleep with the light still on and the book next to her head. But now, if you ask him, he can’t remember a single one of those calls that were ‘truly’ important, or what the content of them were.

It is really my heart’s desire to set aside time for the things that matter in life. The thing is that busyness will always be there. It will always consume us and before we know it, a day has gone by, and then a week, and then a month, or a year. If I don’t make intentional time for my family, or for friends, I’ll soon discover that all I ever did was being ‘busy’ with daily life and tasks.

To end this post, I’d just like to share a little video that Alex and I made. The journey of being a parent has been really amazing and one that we wouldn’t trade for the world. I used to think that being pregnant was a bit of a nuisance and a necessary ‘evil’, especially as a photographer. But after going through it with my first child, I realized there is no real convenient time to be pregnant. It shouldn’t be thought of as a burden, but as a gift. A beautiful gift from God.

Trailer: Krysta+Kyle from Stories on Vimeo.

Extended Family Portraits: Irwin & Vanessa

We photographed both Irwin and Vanessa’s family over 2 sessions, and while they were fun in their own different ways, the whole purpose and gist of these shoots is best summarized through Vanessa’s open and honest sharing below, which she has graciously allowed me to repost here. Vanessa, thank you for reminding us about how sovereign God is, but also to appreciate the daily, little things in life, and most importantly, relationships around us.

Vanessa’s Story

“In July 2013, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease – a degenerative neurological condition that doctors say is incurable.

My dad is one who comes across as a charismatic leader, always enthusiastic about work and life; never defeated by challenges no matter how big. Although the brut he may be at times (I know this because I work for him), I know I can always count on him for solutions to all my problems.

After learning of his condition, for many months, I lived in denial and could not come to terms with his diagnosis. For me, I just could not reconcile how a global entrepreneur like him, so respected in the industry could be ‘taken’ by such a degenerative, incurable disease. And I thought to myself, how could I ever speak of it to anyone for fear of ruining our business and reputation?

However, my dad has taken a totally opposite approach from Day 1 after being diagnosed of his condition! He has spoken openly about it to everyone – And in his Christmas whatsapp message to our Family group chat, this is what he wrote:

“I feel privileged to be chosen by God (to have PD). He is using me for His plan and purpose. He may continue to allow my condition to deteriorate to such an obvious physical extent before His miraculous and complete restoration. Eventually God wants all my friends globally to know that He is still in control of the situation if we turn to Him. He can perform miracles as we have seen in our families.”

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring for my dad’s health, but I have decided that every day from now till then is yet another day to rejoice and to be thankful for. I thought it would be apt to organize this photo session just to capture this moment of our lives – that despite life’s changes and uncertainties, we still find our strength in a God who is constant and ever faithful.”

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