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Pre-Wedding in the Forest: Daniel & Rachel

When we first met Daniel and Rachel, they were rather nervous about the shoot. Both of them are admittedly camera shy and according to Rachel, Daniel doesn’t know how to smile for the camera. They brought along their friends, Aaron and Chrystin (who happened to be our previous clients), to help with the shoot. However, despite being camera shy, both Daniel and Rachel were naturals in front of the camera and they were so much fun to shoot! Daniel was constantly cracking jokes and making everyone laugh that it felt like we were hanging out with some friends instead of doing a photoshoot.

Daniel and Rachel are like the best of friends. Even after 10 years of courtship, they still amuse one another and make each other laugh. What amazed me most though, was that at the age of 17, Daniel already knew he wanted to marry Rachel someday. Talk about true love!

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