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Malaysian-Mauritian Wedding: Charles & Jenna

“Jenna’s Mauritian, so I always tell her she’s my African wife…”

Charles and Jenna are a fun couple, and it really reflects through their wedding! I got to know Charles many years ago because we come from the same hometown, Malacca…and so I know that all the guys who were there at the wedding would make it really loud and rowdy! A totally sporting crowd! Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to witness this beautiful wedding, but Ben and Eric were there to photograph the wedding in Malacca.

Jenna was Charles’ sister’s housemate in London, and that’s how they met each other years ago. Charles was attracted to Jenna’s easy going personality…and so one thing led to another…and now they are married! Congratulations Charles and Jenna!


Charles’ home that was beautifully decorated for the wedding.


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