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national mosque

Portraits of Adnan & Ameerah

They met in medical school 8 years ago. He was the boy in class who made the most noise, and was always fun loving with a great sense of humour. He thought Ameerah was cute (apparently that’s all it takes, according to her). They started going out as friends, initially in big groups which eventually shrunk to just the two of them.

They spent a lot of time studying together, while listening to music on her iPod. It was only years later did she find out that they did not share the same taste in music at all! It was his excuse of sharing earphones just to be close to her. One fine day, he told her he loved her, and they became a couple. He was a total romantic, writing Ameerah love letters and sweeping her off her feet with flowers and fancy dinners. Many years later, he proposed at Lake Como and she said yes… and this March, they got married!