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Timelapse video + a shoot in Pangkor

Some time back, I blogged about a pre-wedding shoot that I did for Eric & Debbie in Pangkor Island. It was a really fun trip, and we had a blast. During the shoot, I had an idea to interview Eric & Debbie separately and ask them some questions pertaining to one another. They didn’t know what the other person said during the interview. After coming back to KL and completing the edit, I asked Eric & Debbie, “Do you trust me? If you do, please watch this video only on your wedding day.”

And so they did.

I really love this video, especially the timelapse shots at the end. Eric & Debbie, I’ll be posting a blog entry on your wedding soon! Hope you had a blast at your honeymoon in Bali!

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Portraits: Eric & Debbie in Pangkor, Day2

Day 2 started at 4am in the morning for Debbie & Angie, our make up artist. While I was catching some much needed sleep, they had to get ready for the photo shoot. I admire such dedication from my couples! At 5am, I woke up, had some coffee and by 6am, we were off to catch the sunrise at the fishing village.

It was totally worth it, waking up so early in the morning for this view!!

If Angie wasn’t there, it would have been harder to achieve this shot – because I can’t hold a flash on a monopod with one hand, the camera in the other hand, and direct the couple to kiss at the same time. As Louis Pang says, “voice activated lightstand” :) Thanks Angie!

This fishing village is so quaint. And this jetty incredibly busy!! Every 5-10 minutes or so, we had to stop to make way for a passing motorbike. The ‘pak cik’s or uncles were really friendly! They were just so pleased to see a bride using their jetty for photos.

One of the things I am glad Debbie did was to ‘brave’ herself and climb down the jetty onto this boat! Eric said that it was only because I coaxed her!

And later, Eric ‘braved’ himself to climb this Dutch fort on Pangkor Island. Uh, is this even allowed? :)

That evening…

And to end our shoot…

Definitely a fun photo shoot. I’ve added Pangkor to my list of favourite places to shoot. :)

Portraits: Eric & Debbie in Pangkor Island Day1

It’s always so exciting when a couple decides to go out of the way to get beautiful images. Malaysia has lots of wonderful beaches. If you are thinking of white sand everywhere the eye can see, well you have to visit places like Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi for that (that’s coming up in another blog post!). Pangkor is not really known for white sandy beaches, but it definitely has a charm of its own!

We stayed at the Pangkor Island Resort, and these pre-wedding photos were taken around the resort itself. Debbie’s brief to me was… “I want sunset shots by the beach, and something different!”. Oh, we definitely had lots of fun those 2 days.

Stumbled upon this cool truck on the beach…

Day 2 started at 5am, and we ended up in a fishing village and also a Dutch fort! Coming soon…