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Family Portraits: Lee, Cyndi, Russell & Owen

My relationship with the Fang family started years ago through my sister’s friendship with Sara. I photographed Sara’s extended family years ago, and more recently, her immediate family. And now, Sara’s sister – Cyndi’s family. I just love the way the world works and how one thing just leads to another.

Lee and Cyndi are really cool people. Of course, so are their sons Russell & Owen. They are the kind of family that does things together – like making your own mooncake festival lantern from scratch. By their conversations, you know that Lee & Cyndi have a deep friendship with their children; they speak about anything under the sun. Even though Russell’s PMR exams are just around the corner, he wasn’t cooped up in the room 24 hours 7 days a week… he was out taking his family portraits. :)

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