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Proposal Video: Thomas & Chooi Ling

It was in March 2014 that Thomas first came to my office to meet me. He was planning his girlfriend’s proposal and wanted to get us to record a video for him. We discussed some ideas but then nothing materialised out of this till April 2016 when he suddenly picked up the conversation again, and we made the plans to go through with the proposal. We even followed him to buy the ring! From my interactions with Thomas, I can tell that he is a really meticulous and thoughtful person. He puts a lot of effort into what he does, and doesn’t just take things lightly, but plans far ahead of time!

We are so pleased to share with you his proposal video here. The fun part was getting Chi Yin and Delvin to ‘hide’ naturally in the restaurant where the proposal was going to take place. They were having a ‘meal’ there, at a specific table pre-arranged with the restaurant owner. We had also arranged for Thomas to sit at a specific table and chair! We had so much fun planning this proposal.

We’ll be photographing Thomas’ wedding to Chooi Ling this June 2017 after 9 years of being together. What an amazing journey! Congratulations, the both of you!


Videographers: Chi Yin & Delvin
Location: Stories studio & Erawan Restaurant (previously at Kota Damansara)
Florist: Syarina
Special Thanks to DeGem

It’s a Deal!

Love. I love the idea of love, being in love and seeing other people in love. (Yes Alex, I know I used the words love too many times in the same sentence, but I can’t help it!). Love is this basic need that we all have as humans. In marriage, love to me means a deep sense of commitment between two individuals – a love that never gives up even though times are difficult. Love also equates trust… because to give yourself fully to someone like that requires a huge amount of risk and trust.

I had the privilege of witnessing and recording the marriage proposal of my friends Ivan and Mi Ghent a few days ago. I’ve known the both of them for years – individually and then together as a couple. I am so glad they’ve taken the plunge into this whole realm of trusting each other’s hearts with full commitment to one another.

Ivan had this ingenious idea of creating ‘additional’ Monopoly Deal cards for the proposal. It’s one of Mi Ghent’s favourite game and the idea was so apt! After a few rounds, Ivan played his “Marry Me” card, followed by the “Just Say Yes” card, specially designed by our friend Monica.

She was stunned for a while, and then asked, “Are you on your knees?”

Needless to say, she said YES!

It was especially meaningful too that the engagement ring was a family heirloom handed down by Ivan’s mum. I am so happy for the both of you! Thank you for inviting Alex and I to be part of this beautiful occasion. And of course, thanks for the yummy Ipoh food too! Now, on to wedding planning!

Adam & Dalilah’s Engagement

Photographer: Grace
Make Up: Khir Khalid
Dalilah’s Gown: Syaiful Baharim
Decorations & Flowers: Flora Etc

They have known each other since they were 12. From Form 1 till Form 3, Adam and Dalilah were in the same class at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur. They were never really close friends but they always had a thing for each other throughout secondary school. Their relationship became official at the end of Form 5. And with all teenage romances, there were some difficult moments. A few months into their relationship, Dalilah had to leave Malaysia for boarding school in England to pursue her A Levels.

But love perseveres. They survived the long distance relationship, and a few years later, Adam followed Dalilah to England to complete their undergraduate degrees in University of Nottingham.

Now, they are engaged.

The ‘secret’ room where Dalilah would wait for her future mother-in-law to sarung cincin (place the engagement ring) on her.

The beautifully decorated hantaran (gifts). You can’t tell by looking at these photos, but the cake in the middle is REALLY heavy! And it’s not just the silver tray that is heavy! Dalilah’s friends who were the dulang bearers tried lifting it…and so did I… it was at least 5-6kg I think! Oh, and don’t you love the colourful macaroons on the right?

Congratulations, Adam and Dalilah! Looking forward to your wedding in a few month’s time!

The Ring Collection

Over the years, I have collected a series of ring shots from various weddings & engagements that I have shot. As with every wedding, each ring has a story to tell. At each wedding, I try to think of how to shoot the rings differently. I have a whole set of video shots of rings too, which I might share in the future. That is even more funky and creative because you get to play with motion! Hope you’ll enjoy this collection and do share which one is your personal favourite!