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Styled vs Lifestyle Newborn Session

There’s just something about taking photos of newborn babies that feels wonderful. Their parents love everything about them – from their cute noses, little yawns, tiny fingers and toes and more! What a lovely reminder that those who love us probably see us the same way too – be it one day old or one hundred! :)

We offer two types of newborn photography sessions: One is a styled shoot with props and the other type is a lifestyle session which has minimal props and more focus on the connection and relationships between family members. Have a look at this slideshow to understand the differences between the sessions.

These newborn photos are best done when babies are below 14 days old. They’re more sleepy and that makes it easy to pose them! We often take bookings earlier to make sure we’re available when your baby arrives. These sessions are precious, because your babies are only tiny once.

We look forward to a session with you!

Stylized Portraits

I got to know Kenny Shim through last year’s SIBKL & DUMC MadWorld production. It was through this production that I discovered how talented this young man is! He can dance, model, direct a play, choreograph… well, Kenny, what can I say, it’s God-given skills!

Not too long ago, Kenny, together with a few friends, got together with the Stories team to shoot some stylized portraits, kind of like a fun fashion shoot. Together with Mark & Johan, we came up with some pretty awesome shots! Here are some of my favourites…

Image below: Photographed by Johan (left image) and Mark (right image)

Johan’s image below:

My shots below:

Unfortunately it poured and poured that day, with a huge thunderstorm. We couldn’t venture very far from the condo we were in.

Image below: Mark’s shot on the left, mine on the right

Overall, I am pretty pleased with what we could come up with in just 2 hours, despite the pouring rain! All the best with your modeling career, Kenny!