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Christian wedding at Holiday Villa: Desmond & Sheila

“I was the first one to confess to him, I was the first one to ask him to marry me… I was all out for this man.”¬†

Sheila was one determined girl. They had been together for 15 years, through a friendship that started online during their college days. And what a friendship that has been. One that developed a deep sense of trust, and a huge faith in God that He would make things work between them. Desmond is one who takes his commitment to marriage seriously. It is a serious covenant between a man and his wife, and with God.

I think that is such an amazing quality, one that every woman looks for. Someone who would commit their life to you till ‘death do you part’ and mean it totally and utterly with all their heart. That there are no exit doors, no ‘what if’s’, or perhaps we should think of it as ‘commit till we can’t take it anymore’. No, this is a man who commits to his vows with his entire soul… and what a sense of security it is for any woman!

Their faith in God has brought them through many ups and downs, and I am sure their marriage relationship will be tested again in the future (as with ALL marriages)… but I am absolutely certain that this is one couple who will work hard to make things work no matter what.

And that is what a marriage is.

Enjoy this entertaining video filmed by Felicia, Wee Liem & Delvin, and the beautiful photos by Johan and Ben.

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