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Sonia and Reyhan’s Sikh Wedding

It has been a while since I last photographed a Sikh wedding. I love the wonderful details that colour cultural weddings like these. It makes me really happy. :) Sonia and I used to be colleagues years ago. She was a really good project manager and is a really detailed person. It really showed in her wedding, because she had wrapped and labelled all her items needed for the wedding… placed in bags for when she needed them. Row upon row, she detailed everything in her excel sheet. She also had an emergency kit for the day which included an umbrella, drinks, food, toiletries, and even a Rubik’s cube! (I think the Rubik’s cube was for the driver in case he was bored! haha).

Reyhan completes Sonia by being her solid rock. He’s patient and kind, one of the traits that attracted Sonia to him in the first place. What amazed me was that he used to drive all the way from his home to hers to send her to work even though it was an hour off his route to work! That’s dedication and love!

Reyhan and Sonia’s wedding was really memorable because they are really sporting and fun people. So many different expressions, lots of laughter, silly faces, and amazing dancing! No Punjabi wedding will be complete without dancing! We had heaps of fun photographing their Sikh temple wedding and then a church wedding the day after.


Sonia and Reyhan says:

We’ve known for a few years now that we would love for you to photograph our wedding day. We’re grateful that we were able to book your time on the 13th and 14th of December! Thank you for all your hard work over those two days in taking all those lovely photos for us and preparing them for the slideshow at dinner.

We appreciate that you guys woke up at insanely early hours to come over to our homes to take photos of us getting dressed. Grace, I was yawning away during my makeup and hair session on the 13th so it was awesome when you arrived and helped wake me up with your chirpiness.

Thank you for your creative input throughout the events. We have had at least 15 guests tell us that your slideshow at dinner was amazing. And we agree wholeheartedly! Some of the feedback we received was from people whose photography styles we ourselves look up to, so it was really very exciting for us to hear from them. One person said that you took unique photos and expressions that they have never seen before and another told us that it was so beautiful, they nearly cried.

Thank you for your patience with us when we ate into your portrait time as we kept getting caught by guests! And thank you also for your patience with some guests who got in your way while you were working.

Diane, thank you for all the preparation work and for your prompt communications in the months prior to our wedding. Of all the vendors at our wedding, Stories gave us the best experience from asking the right questions to being patient with us when we had delays in responding to you.

All in all it has been a wonderful experience working with you.


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Hindu Temple Wedding: Ravi & Padma


Seeking Love – by Padma

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres” ~ Corinthians 13:4-7

I heard a reading of this verse at my close friend’s wedding many years ago; those simple yet powerful words echoed in the cool, quiet church. Words which stayed with me long after the ceremony but which I subconsciously never prioritized when looking for a partner. Always chasing after a wrong set of values, that was me. Until I met a man who in his own quiet and simple way embodied everything that I heard in church that day.

Unfortunately we got off to a rough start. The first time we met, I thought ‘Nice guy… but not my type’. He was courteous, mature and quite serious. I found him to be rather conservative and thought ‘Gosh we’re complete opposites! This is not going to work.’  I immediately ticked the ‘Just Friends’ box in my mental checklist and thought that was the end of it.

It wasn’t the end though. He was patient and kind. He was not boastful or proud and he was never self seeking. He continued to ask me out like a perfect gentleman and as the dates progressed I found myself warming to him. Full disclosure though, I did have a moment of cold feet and did the whole ‘I-think-you’re-a-nice-guy-but-we’re-better-off-as-friends’ thing. I was prepared for some unpleasantness but there was none to be had. He accepted my decision with grace but just had one request: that we meet one last time for coffee.

In the days leading up to our final coffee date, I felt conflicted. I thought I’d be relieved that we had ended everything amicably, why then did I feel so miserable? When we finally did have that coffee date, he told me that he just wanted to meet me to thank me in person for having given him a chance and he handed me a wonderfully sincere letter giving me words of encouragement and wishing me well. I was speechless. Who does this sort of thing?? That night I had a complete change of heart, and a year later here we are.

Our relationship has grown so much since then. He has never ceased to be the wonderful, caring and sweet man that I met a year ago. It’s true, we’re complete opposites, but that’s something that we accept and have a lot of fun with (sometimes at each other’s expense!). I couldn’t have wished for a better partner. And just like I heard at my friend’s wedding all those years ago, I know we will strive to protect each other, trust in one another, hope for the best and will always persevere together. Our love may be tested, but you can be sure that we’ll try our darnest to never let it fail ;)



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Hindu Temple Wedding: Ashish & Lynn

They were best friends. Their dads, I mean. Ashish and Lynn knew each other since they were kids but somehow never really knew each other. It was always a hello-bye kind of friendship…and nothing really happened. For years. But as fate would have it, something changed. It was at Lynn’s brother’s wedding, and Ashish was asked to be the rep at the wedding. Somehow, something clicked, and from that moment on, they got to know each other better. Lynn felt that Ashish was the sweetest guy she had ever met, and everything just seemed right from all aspects, including being husband-material!

And from his look at the wedding, I can certainly say that Ashish felt the same way towards Lynn… he was absolutely smitten by her!

I always feel honoured when friends ask me to document their wedding day. I too, have known Ashish and Lynn for years… from the days when we were scrawny teenagers attending tuition class together. It’s also fun when you see all your friends at the wedding too! I was in my 3rd trimester of my pregnancy when I photographed their wedding…and as with all Hindu weddings, it requires quite a bit of work out with me doing quite a number of squats! But at the dinner, Mark and Diane took over and I got the chance to don a saree, and enjoy the meal!

Congratulations, Ashish and Lynn! Do join the parent club really soon… and our kids can all play together!

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Hindu Temple Wedding: Chris & Anusha

It was a case of love at first sight.

It felt almost like a fairy tale, except this story came true. Christopher had traveled all the way from UK to Malaysia, for his brother Robert’s wedding in early 2011. Incidentally, Robert was marrying one of Anusha’s girlfriends. About a week before the wedding, everyone went out for a party, and it was there that Chris met Anusha for the first time. At that moment, they clicked instantly and chatted for a long time… and they were both smitten. It happened out of nowhere, yet it felt so right.

The next few days, Anusha brought Chris around KL sightseeing and even met his parents for dinner within the short 2 days that they got to know each other. By the time they left for Langkawi, they were practically inseparable and started to really fall for each other…

“We were totally oblivious to our surroundings… What was even more romantic, was that he told me during dinner what he’d wear one day when he got married and that he could imagine me in a white dress and that I’d be really beautiful. It was all so genuine and real. Even my friends were noticing that this was more than just a holiday romance. It was something really serious, especially for a couple who had just met.” – Anusha –

Soon, realization set in that Chris was due back in England in a couple of days. They had a serious conversation about their relationship and mutually decided that they were going to do what it takes to make this relationship work. That was the start of a heartbreaking long distance relationship (not to mention expensive!). But thank God for technology, they could also date via Skype, whatsapp, viber… and what was amazing that the distance did not break them apart, but brought them even closer to one another.

Chris started making plans to move to Malaysia, but he didn’t have a job… yet. He googled for potential expat jobs in Malaysia and Anusha was scrutinizing countless recruitment websites and newspapers. Some time in June 2011, Chris heard from a local international school who wanted to give him a phone interview as a design and technology teacher. Within 2 weeks, he got the job, and he would have to start work in Malaysia by August!

However, Chris had to pack up his 27 years of UK life, all the way from North Yorkshire, into a suitcase and move to a totally foreign country, to the hustle and bustle of PJ!

“We had no doubts, no fears… just excitement of being together and starting a life. I sourced for potential accommodation for us (made sure it was near a gym, supermarket, etc so that it would be accessible for him) and helped him make the move. It was not easy, initially leaving everything he has been used to in the UK… the lifestyle, his flourishing DJ-ing and music career, his parents and family members, his best friends, the food (he still can’t take nasi lemak!), the weather, the culture… but I can honestly say that going through this journey together has brought us a lot closer. And I too, was willing to give up my time and effort to make sure that he was truly happy and settled here in Malaysia. 

On Sept 28th, my 27th birthday, much to my surprise and happiness, he proposed to me and of course I said yes! I had no idea it was going to come this soon, but it felt sooooo right and we were ecstatic!” – Anusha – 

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Sri Lankan style wedding: Ganendra & Malini

Photographers: Grace & Andrew C
Ceremony: Kalamandapan Hall, Brickfields
Dinner Reception: Kelab Golf Negara Subang

When I first met Ganendra & Malini for the very first time in my home, they told me that they wanted to hire a photographer who was different – someone who would be able to capture moments and come up with creative shots. They said that they didn’t want a ‘traditional’ photographer for their wedding day. Of course, the difficult part was convincing their slightly more ‘traditional’ families that they are making the right decision. Fast forward to their wedding day and after the slideshow montage had been shown to the family and guests… I was so pleased when Malini’s mum came up to me to say, “Grace, thank you for the wonderful photographs! You managed to capture emotions, not just the event.”

I beamed. :)

Who wouldn’t?

After the event is over, the cake has been eaten, the decorations taken down, all you have are memories and photographs. I am so glad that our photos were able to record the emotions felt by Ganendra & Malini, family and friends on that special day in August.

Introducing… Malini.

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