Wandering Istanbul

Travel has always been food for my soul. I absolutely love seeing new places, meeting fascinating people, experiencing different cultures, and eating the local cuisine. Every time I travel, I recharge. I get inspired. I am alive.

Turkey, just like its spices, adds a lot of flavour to my life. The people here are friendly and always willing to strike a conversation with you. Even if they are trying to sell you something, I don’t feel harassed, like some other countries I’ve been to. I love the feeling of the old meeting the new. Walking into buildings centuries old brings me back to ancient Bible times and makes me wonder how life was really like then.

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Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey

Hi everyone! Alex and I are currently in Istanbul, Turkey! It’s a beautiful city, and my first time here. We arrived yesterday after a short drama of missing our connecting flight from Doha to Istanbul the day before due to flight delays. Well, that is another adventure altogether…

Today, we’ll be heading to the streets of Istanbul for our shoot with Edwin & Dawn. It’s a cold day, but the good thing is that the sun is out! Here’s a short little video greeting from Istanbul…edited by Alex!