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Getting to know Smurfette, our prized VW Kombi!

Some things just get better with age. They develop character. They become more endearing and turn into a true gem. That is how we like to think of our Kombi. And because she’s so special to us, we’d like you to get to know her a little better too.

She’s in excellent condition considering her age. To keep her looking young we’ve dressed her in bright blue, earning her the name Smurfette! She loves company and is most comfortable with not more than eight friends at a time. She also knows it’s not cool to arrive at a party all sweaty with messed up, wind-blown hair so she ensures you enjoy the ride with an air-conditioning unit fitted in all the right places. She can be a bit loud, but she’ll be the life of the party!

Due to Smurfette’s age, she has her very own driver for all her escapades. We also make sure she’s fueled up so she has the energy to last throughout your event! Even though we know how much she likes to party with new friends, as her guardians, we have set some boundaries for her own safety (and everyone else’s!). For example, she’s not allowed to attend functions beyond 200KM of Kuala Lumpur, much to her chagrin because she’s a real party girl. However, we feel longer journeys take a toll on her and we don’t think you’d appreciate a cranky party pooper.

Limitations aside, Smurfette has already been to quite a few events. She’s been spotted at pre-wedding shoots, ferried brides to their weddings and even played a role in corporate events around town. How’s that for an old grandma like her? She loves meeting new people so if you’d like to get acquainted with her, just get in touch with us. We’d love to set up a date for you.

Need more info about our kombi? Head on here.

Our New Ride – The Volkswagen Kombi!

One fine day when Alex and I were talking about life and business, an idea suddenly came to his head… he suggested that we get a Stories-mobile; the Volkswagen Kombi. Frankly, I was a little hesitant at first… I mean, that thing is huge, OLD and might be really hard to drive. Good thing I can actually drive a manual car! I was concerned that I might not reach my wedding shoot destination if I had a vehicle like this. I shrugged the idea off until Alex brought it up again a week or so later.

He started showing me photos of really beautifully done up kombis online. I was smitten. Slowly but surely, I became hooked to the idea. And that was how our search for the VW kombi started. We contacted some friends who were VW enthusiasts and they put us in touch with other enthusiasts.

And then one day, we found this:

And so, unintentionally, the date 11.11.11 became significant to us. It was the day we bought our new bus!

By the way, this photo was taken in front of SS2 Mall, our new office space! But that’s a completely different blog post altogether. Take note that I went the hippy route and dressed for the occasion.

The kombi is in really good shape (considering it’s like a few years older than me… did I mention that I am over 30 now?) The colour is perfect cause it’s what we wanted in the first place (our Stories theme colour is light blue and dark brown). Some even pointed out that the number plate is perfect for a photographer (CF, as in, compact flash cards). I felt as if God was giving us the green light to get this bus.

Our little kombi will be used for shoots, and will also be rented to bride and grooms who are interested in using it as a wedding car. So far, 2 brides have already contacted me about the kombi. Our aim is to get it spruced up even more, but good thing is that it already comes with air-conditioning!

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