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viral video

Video: Bestman trips, bride falls into the pool

In the spirit of sharing interesting videos that relate to weddings, here’s one that gained a lot of attention some time ago. You may not have seen it, and I hope it puts a smile on your face. For those getting married soon, just make sure your entourage is well-trained so that they don’t trip. If you’re a photographer… be VERY careful.

* By the way, I hear this video was staged.

Need proposal ideas? How creative can you get?

Late one evening, I sat with my back toward the dark skies, fresh from a thunderstorm, still clad in my office attire at the office. I was doing heavy research into flash player functionality and surfing YouTube as a reference site.

Randomly, I clicked on this proposal video that looked vaguely interesting and voila… my research faded into nothingness as it took precedence on my screen. Soon, 2 other colleagues crowded around my Mac to watch this heart-warming proposal.

My favourite part is where they strip off their blue t-shirts to reveal the white ones.

It is a tad shaky, but the content is great – believe me. Enjoy!

Viral divorce video

You’ve surely seen the hilarious viral wedding entrance clip called JK Wedding Entrance Dance that amassed 46 million views worldwide and heaps of blog and press coverage. Now, there’s the sequel to it, called the JK Divorce Entrance Dance, which also leaves you laughing and gasping for air. I love the ending – so stay and watch right till they start squabbling.

JK Divorce Entrance Dance

Original JK Wedding Entrance Dance (for the benefit of those who haven’t watched it)