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ROM at Ciao Ristorante: Kenneth & Mae

It was her first day at work, back in 2006, when Mae joined the company as a Management Trainee. Since he was also a trainee, they shared daily anecdotes and various survival skills, working whilst having fun in the process. What struck Kenneth was Mae’s cheerful and friendly personality. It was like a glimpse of warm sunshine amidst the gloomy office environment (especially when she visited the dark, cold corner of the office where he was seated).

Mae’s first impression of Kenneth was that he was a loud, brash, and obnoxious guy. Not the best but a funny guy. Nevertheless a good friend. Two years went by, and a friendship developed.¬†They went through thick and thin, sugar and spice. But their friendship flourished throughout.

Then came that fateful day when Kenneth was transferred to work in Johor Bahru. Amazingly, 3 months later, Mae was also transferred to JB, and they celebrated the joyous reunion of 2 friends. They looked out for each other, took care of each other and kept each other company for the next 2 years. Her presence made the faraway posting much easier.

Then came 2010, after Kenneth was transferred back to KL. It was then that they both realized that absence made the heart fonder. Kenneth soon realized that the good friend he had spent all this time with was the person he wanted to spend forever with. Finally, he mustered up to the courage and professed his love to Mae (and this was after a few surprise visits to JB as well!). Outwardly, she played it cool, but secretly, Mae was absolutely elated. The rest, they say is history!

Don’t you just love seeing how their personalities come across in their photos?

Yes, the couple, family and friends are one cooky, canny and happy bunch. Check out how they enjoyed their teddy bear moments.


Photographers: Johan & Weiming, assisted by Cheryl
Location: Ciao Ristorante
Wedding Planner: Tie the Knot
Wedding Gown: Neoromantic
Make up: Aivy Yong
Flowers & Decorations: Wishing Tree
Cake: Truly Scrumptious

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  • Goh says:

    Nice ceremony, I will have mine (ROM & Dinner) in November and it is Ciao too.

    Hopefully everything will be as good as yours.


  • Ivy cheong says:

    We would like to have solemnization on 30 April 2014 and we like you to provide a quotation.

    We only have around 20pax. .

    Look forward your reply

    Thank you

  • Ann Ho says:

    Hi dear,

    We would also like to have solemnization on Mid October 2016, appreciate if you can provide a quotation.

    Event: ROM Ceremony with lunch provided if possible
    Number of pax at around: 150 pax
    Date: will be firm up later.

    Look forward your reply

    Thank you

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