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Recounting Istanbul: a land of culture & smiles

By 18/04/20113 Comments

A mere 8 weeks ago, Grace and I were stepping off a plane in Istanbul, throughly amazed by the architecture and people. We were there on assignment for a shoot with Edwin & Dawn, a lovely Malaysian couple with a passion for Turkey.

Over the 2 week period we were there, I documented faces, activities and locations, then stitched the footage together into a video. Here’s my mini-documentary from the first week’s footage (perhaps I’ll do another edit, if time permits).

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  • Rui Di says:

    Hei, good commentary of Istanbul :) love the details captured. Did you get model release from Grace :p Saw her in the nice Leather Suit ;)

    btw 2 ques:
    1. are you using stabilizer? and what camera are you using?
    2. non related ques – what is the fastest video conversion program for Ipad? (or Mov)

  • Yu Ming says:

    Nice one Alex!! Have been wanting to go to Turkey for ages! Well… have been wanting to go to lotsa places la :P Will look you up for some info and tips when I actually make plans for Turkey, heheh.

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