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Does it matter? I’ve had both, and to me, I’d say, “No It Doesn’t Matter At All”.

What matters most is that I get to know the brides and grooms that I photograph. I want to know what kind of people they are. I want to know what they like and what they dislike. Do they like to pose or do they prefer candids? Out the many many weddings I’ve photographed, in my entire wedding photography career, I’ve only been asked twice “Do you shoot with Nikon or Canon?”. And both conversations ended up being a fun conversation anyway. Hehe.

I love Nikon and I love Canon in different ways. But when the tyres hit the road, my aim is to have a great time capturing your wedding no matter what the camera tool you put in my hand. It’s my job to figure out which tool works better in which situation and it’s my bride and groom’s job to have fun and have an amazing wedding day. That’s really all there is to it.

Here is a list of things that will help us get to know you better:-

1) We’d like to meet you over a quick coffee a week or two before your wedding day

2) Do tell us what are the important details that you want photographed eg you’ve stuck “I Do” stickers under both your shoes, etc

3) Keep us updated if there are any last minute changes to the flow of events

(and if a longer checklist makes you more comfortable, just ask us and we’d only be too glad to furnish you with one) Hehe.

Explore and Enjoy!

Johan Sopiee

A great moment captured by Johan! PS: Without looking at the exif data, can you tell which image was taken with a Nikon or Canon?

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