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Wedding in Christ Church, Malacca: Jeremy & Sarah

Jeremy and Sarah’s wedding was held at the beautiful Christ Church in Malacca. Being an 18th-century Anglican church, its Dutch Colonial architecture style and colors are unmistakable, as was the chemistry between the Sarah and Jeremy.

20131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_559Jeremy “likes to think of himself as an outdoorsy person”. And by the way that sentence was constructed, yes, we know you wrote that about him, Sarah! Hehe. Apparently, he loves hiking, kayaking and soaking up the air too. When I close my eyes, I can almost see him hiking up a mountain and kayaking down a river valley, with the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Ain’t No Valley Low Enough” playing in the background. I’d say – Ain’t no river wide enough, to keep Jeremy from getting to you, Sarah.

Then “they” describe Sarah as more of an extrovert who has a soft spot for animals and all things quirky. She loves creative writing (no wonder she works in the media industry!) and little does she know that we found out that she’s actually published “The tale of a Malaysian girl in NUS” in 2012. Wow! Congrats Sarah!

By the way, a little bird also told us that Jeremy likes a Facebook page entitled “Sleeping with one leg out of the covers”. Now, I bet you didn’t know that about the groom.

20131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_00120131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_01720131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_05820131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_14520131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_16220131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_18020131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_19320131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_24220131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_26420131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_29420131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_35320131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_31320131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_31820131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_32420131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_36220131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_38820131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_40720131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_43320131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_43520131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_46920131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_48920131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_51420131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_52520131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_55620131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_599During the wedding dinner, we noticed that every single table had a unique word that brought much meaning to the groom and bride’s attention to detail. They even had a very special door gift to thank every single person for “bee-ing” there! So cute!20131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_62720131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_62120131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_69820131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_71320131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_74820131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_79320131130_WEDDING_JEREMY_SARAH_955Sarah looked radiant in all the distinctly different outfits she wore that night and Jeremy did a great job at keeping up with Sarah’s obvious talent for dance. What a lovely way to end the evening, as Jeremy and Sarah being a new chapter in their lives together.

Dear Sarah and Jeremy,
We wish a “Happy Ever After” and may your lives be filled with endless, joyous moments and many many loving Stories.


Photographers: Johan & Nigel
Church Ceremony: Christ Church, Malacca
Dinner Location: Equatorial Hotel, Malacca
Wedding Gown: Divine Couture
Evening Gown: Jawn Happy Ever After, Lasposa
Make up & Hair: M’Nicole
Stationery: Crafty Farms Handmade
Flowers: Gabriet Florist
Videographers: Bigday Videography

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