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Maternity & Baby Portraits: Peter & Sharon

By 07/11/2014November 12th, 2014No Comments

It’s always a pleasure to photograph the people closest to you, and to know that you’re documenting such a beautiful moment in their lives. Sharon and I have a relationship that goes beyond a decade. We’ve seen each other through our ups and downs, cried with each other, and laughed together. From adolescence to adulthood. It’s been a wonderful friendship. I’m so happy that I even had a voting say in how to spell baby J’s name! I look forward to growing old together as we mature together in life, Sharon and Peter.

The maternity photos were taken by me, and the rest of the baby and family portraits were photographed by Diane.

20140328_MATERNITY_PETER_SHARON_37Don’t you think baby J looks like he’s dancing here?

20140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_06120140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_07720140328_MATERNITY_PETER_SHARON_2920140328_MATERNITY_PETER_SHARON_4120140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_09220140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_08120140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_057Sharon’s parents are really warm and welcoming too. They love to have fun too! And Sharon’s grandmother is 90+, but super fit and didn’t even bat an eyelid climbing up the stairs to our studio. She’s really fit physically and mentally.

20140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_11020140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_04120140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_037Sharon’s family members.

20140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_032 And the extended family!

20140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_02520140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_02020140928_Baby_Jared_Tan_Family_014One more photo of the little man!



Photographers: Grace (maternity) & Diane (family portraits)
Location: Stories Studio 

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