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Ever wondered how your wedding could affect the environment? It’s possible to do your part in protecting the earth by having a sustainable wedding! We teamed up with Association of Weddings Professionals Malaysia, EcoKnights, WWF and a group of amazing people to spread this important message through the Knot The Waste campaign in 2019.

Protecting nature is not ONE person’s responsibility. It is OURS. So tie the knot with a sustainable wedding! For yourself, and for our future generations. Here are some ways to make your wedding a sustainable one for our planet.


Featuring Davina Goh, Happy Gan, Melissa Tan, Kevin Chong, Ken Lee, Leticia Hsu, The Shanghai Sisters, Bernie Chan, Grace Tan, Terrence Dass, Nathalie Arbefeuille, Erul Samah, Sharizan Borhan, Ushera

Photography & Video Production: Stories.my / Integricity Visuals

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