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Make Up & Hairstyling Tips by Charlyn Leang

By 16/11/2020November 18th, 2020No Comments

Meet Charlyn Leang, the talented makeup artist and hairstylist who has made so many of our clients look fabulous for their photoshoot! Yes, she’s also part of our “secret sauce” to producing great photos.

Charlyn has been a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist for about 15 years now. What does she love about her job?

“Working with different people because each person brings a unique look and facial features to work with,”

she tells us.

“Then, once we are done. That moment when I get to take a step back and look at the person who is like an ‘artwork’, it’s very satisfying and it makes me very happy.”

An artist who can appreciate any face like a beautiful piece of artwork? Now that’s what we want!

We asked her to share tips on what to do before a headshot session – even before meeting the make up artist. Here are her top three tips:

1. Pamper your face

Try to pamper your face with a face mask the night before your makeup session / photoshoot. Then just before coming for the session, wash your face. This makes it easier to apply makeup as your skin will be clean and smooth.

2. Shape your eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most important feature when it comes to makeup. Having a good set of well-shaped eyebrows can really bring out your best features and natural beauty (or for the men, your “dashing look”) – even if your makeup is very light. Don’t worry, this is something that she can also help you with as part of her services.

3. Go ahead, wash your hair

And what about the “no washing hair before a hairstyling session” rule? we asked. Charlyn says it’s up to you! Everyone has different hair texture so NOT washing your hair before hairstyling doesn’t guarantee that your hairstyle stays in shape longer. She has plenty of good hair products to do the job.

However for brides specifically, the only reason she recommends washing hair the day before is to save time on the morning of the wedding. How practical!

As photographers, we highly recommend getting your makeup and hair professionally done for a photoshoot. After all, if you’re going to make the effort to take a photo that you’ll be using for a few years – it’s worth looking your best!

If you’d like to add on makeup and hairstyling services to your photoshoot package, now you’ll know who will be styling you with a hairbrush and makeup kit in hand!




Photos by Chi Yin
Make Up Artist & Hairstylist: Charlyn Leang
Location: Stories Studio, Oval Damansara

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