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Photoshoot Styling Tips: Choosing the Right Colours to Wear

Choosing the right clothes colours for your photoshoot is really important. This looks different for each person of course, because we all have different skin tones. Wearing the right colour for your skin tone can really accentuate your features, making you look fresh and energised. On the contrary, choosing colours that are less suitable results in looking washed out and drained.

This pop of colour looks great on them!

If the colour is too strong for your skin tone, it “overpowers” you. People get easily distracted by these unsuitable colours instead of focusing on the person wearing it. When you have a portrait or family photo with everyone wearing colours that complement their skin tone, it creates beauty and harmony to the photograph. Wearing the right colours (and having a good photographer) means that you get an amazing set of photos instead of an average one! So how do we know what colours look best on our skin tone? 
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Wedding Anniversary Portraits: Ewe Jin & Ming Lee

University group mates turned lovers, Ewe Jin and Ming Lee first met in Melbourne back in 2009. Five years later the got together upon discovering that they are truly soulmates! In Ming Lees’s own words, “He’s my husband, my best friend, my everything.”

So on a beautiful spring day in October 2015, Ewe Jin got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. The were registered as husband and wife in February 2016, and had the ceremony in 2017. Every year since, they would celebrate their anniversary with a photoshoot. This particular one was extra special because not only were they celebrating four years of marriage, but they now had another little family member on the way!

Ming Lee told us how excited they were about sharing this journey together and we could see that! The couple brought along handwritten notebooks filled with love letters to each other that have been collected over the years even through marriage. It’s wonderful to see couples grow more in love with each other than ever before as the years pass.

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How To Have The Best Experience With Your Wedding Photographer

What differentiates a great wedding photo set from a mediocre one? It’s the prep work and relationship between the photographer and couple of course!

In this Facebook Live Session recording, our founder Grace Tan, shares how you and your partner can build a relationship of trust with your photographer before the wedding day. Click on the video to watch!