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Sarah Lim

Pre-Wedding Portraits at Sekeping Serendah: Justin & Anna

For a soon-to-be-wed couple who enjoy nature and all things outdoors, challenging each other at boardgames, and are dog-lovers at heart, Justin and Anna couldn’t have picked a better location for their pre-wedding photo shoot. We spent an afternoon strolling around the grounds of Sekeping Serendah, a quiet retreat tucked away in a cool forest just beyond Kuala Lumpur.

They brought along some board games and we got to capture moments representing how their relationship developed over two years of dating. This also included a fun activity where both Justin and Anna were asked to write down everything they each appreciated about the other. Wherever these two were, a little black mini schnauzer would be patiently waiting nearby – confidently marking its place as the first official family member since their relationship blossomed!

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Maternity Portraits: Eugene & Inessa

Eugene and Inessa are Uzbekistan Koreans who are really fun to be around with. They were all for trying new ideas for this maternity session and brought so much personality into their photos! No points for guessing who’s the heavy snack-er and who’s a serious Star Wars fan. We love the matching shoes that mom and little baby Lee have too. This kid is going to be a stylish one for sure!
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Baby Milestones Worth Capturing

Baby photos are so cute. More than that, they’re marvellous because the first 12 months of a baby’s life is when their fastest development happens – and you get to witness it! Their features change in just weeks and so do their abilities. From responding to you with their first smile, to learning how to roll over and sit up. It’s a full year packed with “firsts” – moments of marvel that will never happen again. These are the milestones worth capturing in photographs:

    1. Tiny, Sleepy Days: Birth to 2 months

This is the easiest time to take photos of your newborn because they spend a great deal of the day sound asleep. You can easily mould their posture to get creative shots without any fuss. Just feed them with a good dose of milk prior to the shoot!

This is also the time where you want to remember the smell and softness of their skin, and just how tiny they are in your arms…

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Outdoor Maternity Portraits: Terence & Sarah

There are many ways to take maternity photos. For some, it can be really fun to dress up and bring out the props. For others, it can also be very simple. Much like Terence and Sarah’s at her 37th week. We went for a stroll with them at Taman Aman, stopping every now and then to snap a photo. We hope these photos will bring them many treasured memories in the years to come, as they look back and remember time their hearts grew bigger to make room for one more!
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Jacques & Pei Shing Family Portraits: Marcel Turns One!

We just love walking with our couples through life’s many milestones. For Pei Shing and Jacques it was her show-worthy maternity session, then the birth of baby Marcel, and now… Marcel has already turned one! How time flies.

What started out as a very proper family portrait session at our studio, quickly escalated to heaps of fun and laughter! This little man stole the show for the day of course. Can you tell how smitten we are with his little charming smile? More photos below!

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