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A Minion Photoshoot At Home: Hamzah Alang Azman & Nadia Nasimuddin’s Family

Families are spending so much time together at home these days compared to before (for obvious reasons), and it’s so nice to capture some of these simple yet precious everyday moments for them. Nadia invited us over recently and got the whole family dressed in Minion pyjamas! How cute! Managing kids on a photoshoot is no easy task and with four of them bouncing off the walls and goofing around, we also captured a few shots of the “imperfection behind the scenes”. But the truth is, these moments will still be part of their memories and a reflection of what life can sometimes be… imperfect but still beautiful.

More photos below!

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Chinese Tea Ceremony & Wedding Dinner: Yun & Madeline

There’s just something about Chinese weddings that make you feel a rush of excitement. Maybe its the flurry of the morning tea ceremony and all its rituals with family, or large groups of friends and family that gather to celebrate with the couple at night. Whatever it is, Yun and Madeline’s wedding day was one to remember. The couple had already done a ceremony in Australia, so this one was specially for very close friends and family back in Kuala Lumpur.

The couple looked stunning in all three outfits changes and the dinner speeches had us and the guests in happy tears! We’re so glad to see yet another happy couple find forever in each other’s arms. See the full collection and watch the video highlights below.

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Studio Maternity Photoshoot: Jacques & Pei Shing

What do you get when you have a pregnant dancer and an enthusiastic partner? These gorgeous maternity shots of course! Jacques and Pei Shing were expecting their first child together – the youngest of siblings from this beautiful blended family. This photoshoot, like so many others, was special in its own way. For them, this marriage they now have together was like a second chance after going through many challenging life lessons from the past.

It was Jacques’ idea to have the photoshoot, and to be included in it as well. More photos below!

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A 30th Wedding Anniversary Family Photoshoot: Keong & Tracey

The Chews are a family of four who love travelling, gardening, cooking, and of course… watching TV together! Which family past time doesn’t include that? ;P This shoot was gifted to them by their good friend Tina for Keong and Tracey’s 30th wedding anniversary. The special thing about it was that Tina did the same thing 12 years ago! Super thoughtful. At that time, the Chews had just moved into their home in KL and their daughters Lauren and Sara were only age 13 and age 10. Our company Stories.my was also fairly new and Grace had captured a few precious family moments in and around the house.

Fast forward to just last week. Chi Yin popped over and spent the morning with Keong and Tracey, and this time with their two grown up young ladies! They did a few new family portraits, and then had some fun flipping through the old photo album together before re-enacting some shots. It gives us warm fuzzies to be able to journey with families through the years like this.

Now and Then shots below.

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