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10-Month Family Photo Collage: Kishore Suppiah & Michelle-Ann Iking

By 26/06/2021No Comments

It’s not every day that we meet someone who is willing to come to our studio every month to document their children’s growth. So when Michelle Iking proposed the idea, we were thrilled! Over a duration of 10 months during her son’s first year, she and her husband dressed the kids up and brought them to the studio so we could take a series of family photos. They even came with traditional outfits during each festive season! It was too cute.

We finally got around to putting it all together in three beautiful photo collages. It really shows how fast your little ones are changing even just within a year! Don’t we sometimes wish we could stop time?

If you’d like to do something like this as well, during your baby’s first year over 12 months, let us know! We are open to your creative suggestions and fun ideas.


Photos by Chi Yin
Location: The Stories Studio, TTDI

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