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Baby Milestones Worth Capturing

By 13/12/2021No Comments

Baby photos are so cute. More than that, they’re marvellous because the first 12 months of a baby’s life is when their fastest development happens – and you get to witness it! Their features change in just weeks and so do their abilities. From responding to you with their first smile, to learning how to roll over and sit up. It’s a full year packed with “firsts” – moments of marvel that will never happen again. These are the milestones worth capturing in photographs:

    1. Tiny, Sleepy Days: Birth to 2 months

This is the easiest time to take photos of your newborn because they spend a great deal of the day sound asleep. You can easily mould their posture to get creative shots without any fuss. Just feed them with a good dose of milk prior to the shoot!

This is also the time where you want to remember the smell and softness of their skin, and just how tiny they are in your arms…

You’ll want to capture their tiny feet and little nubby toes, and how just one finger can fill their tiny grasp.

You can swaddle them in different materials and they’re small enough to fit in a cosy basket or prop.

If they have older siblings, it’s also the perfect time to take photos with them so you can remember their size difference!

Don’t forget to capture the real moments too! All those sleepless nights spent soothing a crying baby… you definitely want to show it to them when they’re older!


2. Smiling, Laughing, Holding their head up, Rolling over: 2 to 5 months

Capture your baby’s first smile or the moment they learn to hold their own head up. It’s a mighty huge achievement for a small person! This is the moment they get to see their world from a perspective that’s similar to yours – the right way up! These photos will remind you of their curiosity and determination even before they utter their first words!


3. Sitting up: 5-6 months

Most babies learn to sit up straight on their own by the 5th or 6th month. Here’s where you can capture moments of them playing with their favourite toy or sitting upright on a matching little chair or pillow.

4. Crawling: 8 to 9 months

Not all babies go through this stage. Some go straight to standing, but for those who do learn to crawl first… watch out! That baby will be crawling faster than you can walk sometimes! The look of achievement that a baby has when they’re able to get around the house on their own is priceless! Capture that.


5. Standing and taking their first steps: 12 months onwards

Before you know it, 12 months of life would have flown by and you now have a pre-toddler! Your baby would be learning to stand and take his / her first steps. Now this kid will be unstoppable! Watch out world!


We can take milestone shots for your little one throughout their first year. See how we did it for baby Kiaen over 10 months here!

If you’d like to find out more about our newborn and lifestyle packages, contact us here. We look forward to helping you capture all these precious and fleeting moments of your baby’s first year!


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