Vendor Highlight: Pretty In White

Starting this month, we’ll be featuring a new wedding industry vendor every few weeks. These are people whom we love working with, and who are excellent at what they do. I am really pleased to introduce the face behind Pretty in White, Louisa Michael.

Pretty in White has been dressing brides for years… we love their wide selection of gowns, fitting all sorts of body shapes. Their wedding gown rental range starts from RM1,300 and custom made wedding gowns from RM4,000 onwards. Custom made evening gowns start from RM2,500 and bridesmaid’s dresses from RM800 onwards.

As a fashion designer, Louisa has been working in the industry for the past 7 years. Before this, she was a graphic designer for 3 1/2 years. Married and a mother to a cute baby, I spoke to Louisa about her passion, how she got started and some advice to brides who are looking for a wedding gown.

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Baby Palace Promo at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

For the grand opening of IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, you can get a 15% discount off any of our lifestyle photography packages whenever you spend RM300 and above at Baby Palace! Promotion only runs from 20th – 30th November 2014. Just email us your proof of purchase receipt when you contact us to make a photography booking. Hurray!


It’s a Merry, Merry Christmas…

What? Christmas in October? Well, for us at Stories, yes! This October and November, we’re feeling a little generous! If you book any of our Lifestyle Portrait sessions for your maternity or family shoots within these 2 months, we’ll gladly print 30 personalised postcards / greeting cards for you for free! All you have to do is book and slot in a shoot date for October and November with us, and we’ll get the images and cards ready before Christmas rolls around in December!

Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you can have a personalised greeting card printed for your family! Just choose from one of these templates below.

Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3:


Option 4:


And a choice of 2 options for the back of your card:


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Introducing… The Stories Gift Pack!

2014_STORIES_GIFTPACK_23 I am really excited to be able to share with you a recent development that we’ve been working on the past few months. In the past, we’ve had requests to purchase our photography service as a gift for friends or family members. We’ve printed personalised vouchers and sent it out to the lucky recipients, but all these were done on an ad hoc basis.

So now, we’ve officially launched the Stories Gift Pack! Currently, the gift pack is only available for our Lifestyle Photography packages (Studio or Outdoor shoots for family portraiture, maternity, newborn or anytime portraits). Each gift pack is valued differently to suit various budgets. You can purchase the Stories Gift Pack at our online store where we will courier to any location within Malaysia at no extra cost, or you can walk into participating stores and buy it off the shelf at a discounted rate.

At the moment, the only physical store you can purchase these gift packs is from Blue Dot Baby in Bangsar Village. The gift pack is valid for a year from the date of purchase.

2014_STORIES_GIFTPACK_25So how do you redeem a session? It’s really easy. Head on over to our store page and fill up the form with your details, preferred shoot dates and voucher code that is unique to each gift pack.

If you’d like to enquire about our lifestyle photography services for yourself, do keep in mind that we do have other options listed in terms of packages and pricing, so head on over to our usual contact us form to get our rate card.

Thank you for your support, especially to all our returning clients who have entrusted us to capture your family history… from your wedding to your maternity photos and family portraits. Some of you have recommended friends our way, and for that, we’re truly grateful.


Mom Is Beautiful


As a 1.5 year old mom, I now fully appreciate what my parents used to do for me – the endless hours of sacrifice making sure that I grew up to be a responsible, mature adult. Memories of my mom include her waking up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare breakfast for me every day before I go to school. I did get sick of the milo, bread and half-boiled eggs after a while, but it was all done with love. My mom did not go to university, but she worked hard. After she was retrenched from her job in the fisheries department, she started her own business out of necessity.

She sold Pyrex, Arcopal (for those who don’t know what they are… they are heavy sets of dining plates, bowls, pots etc!) to anyone who was interested. She would travel mostly to the kampung in Malacca to sell to her majority Malay clientele. Even if the set was worth RM300, she would offer them an instalment plan, and diligently come back month after month to collect a mere RM10. The plates were definitely heavy, and I recall her having to lug it on her own to some of her client’s homes. As a child, I sometimes followed her on these trips (grudgingly). It was tough work, but she never complained (at least not to me!) and succeeded in her business.

When the Chinese New Year season came around, she would wake up at 5am to make cookies to sell them. Thousands and thousands of them. I was a very naughty daughter. I hated having to help in the kitchen, and tried to escape whenever I could, much to her despair. She would labour in the kitchen till midnight, and had to endure lots of nagging from my dad who didn’t like seeing her work so hard.

Well it did take a toll on her, and she fell sick when I was 13. My mom had a stroke which left her half paralyzed. She couldn’t do anything and had to learn to hold a fork and spoon again, learn to walk etc. It was really frustrating for her and my dad but she pulled through. She learnt how to drive again after much perseverance. I learnt that from her. To never give up despite life’s circumstances.

Now, my mom is 77, and she is not all she used to be. Her heart problems and other health issues has made her retreat into a shell. I feel a little sad about it all but I am glad that when she sees my daughter Krysta, her face lights up, if only for a few minutes.

Mummy, I love you. I don’t think I say it often enough.


Contest Details and T&C:

1. Find a photo with you and your mom (it could include other family members).
2. Write a story about why she is beautiful to you (any length!)
3. Share it with us by posting it on our Facebook wall (www.facebook.com/stories.my) before midnight Malaysian time on 16th May 2014.
4. Our judges will decide on the best (or most touching) story and decide on one winner.
5. The winner will receive a 1 hour family portrait shoot from Stories. The shoot must be done on a weekday before 31 August 2014. You can choose to do the shoot in our studio or outdoors within the Klang Valley. A Stories photographer will be assigned for the shoot. The winner will receive 20 soft copy images (printable up to 8R size) and one 12″ x 8″ matte print.
6. A limitation of up to 8 people is allowed for the shoot.
7. A surcharge of RM100 is chargeable for weekend dates. Outstation surcharge of RM800 applies for shoots done outside of Klang Valley. Costs of flights / transportation & accommodation is not included.
8. To purchase the entire set of high resolution images, a fee of RM500 is chargeable.
9. Up to 2 postponement of dates is allowed, however, if a 3rd postponement is required, the prize is considered forfeited.