A Mother & Daughter Portrait Session at Home

We often get requests for family portraits where everyone dresses up and comes to our studio or we go to their homes. But once in awhile, we also get requests like this one from Allison. She invited us over for an afternoon just to capture the everyday moments that she shares with her daughter. We love how casual and laid back this set turned out, with lots of love and affection between mother and daughter. It was a real treat to follow them around the house, just capturing them in their element as they bonded over their usual activities at home… cooking, lounging by the pool, taking walks in the garden, or catching up over a glass of wine. We even managed to squeeze in a pillow fight! It’s often the simple moments shared with family that we treasure the most, and they’re also the ones that fly by the quickest. We’re so glad to be able to immortalise a few of these precious moments for Allison.

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Win A Free Personalised Photo Album

We’ve been talking about how grateful we are for all your support and also what a joy it is to celebrate your stories. So we’re doing a social media giveaway! If you have had your photos taken with us before (this includes your wedding or any lifestyle photos), you can stand a chance to win one free personalised photo album designed by us, when you participate. 

All you need to do is: 

  1. Choose your favourite photo from a collection of your photos taken by our Stories team and post it on your Instagram and / or Facebook feed. Please ensure the post is public so we can see it!
  2. In your caption, tell us why this moment (shown in photo) is meaningful to you or share a favourite story or memory about the people in the photo. 
  3. Tag @storiesmy and hashtag #MyStories2020

One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the month and announced in our newsletter. If you are that winner, we will also contact you directly and you can collect your gift from our office once it’s ready. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions below. 

Looking forward to reading all your lovely stories and walking down memory lane with you!

Terms & Conditions

  • One winner will be chosen during the last week of the month.
  • Winner will be chosen according to the discretion of Stories.my.
  • The photo album will include photos from clients’ collection and will be chosen by Stories.my. 
  • No requests for amendments or modifications will be entertained.
  • This prize cannot be exchanged for any other product or service or monetary value.
  • The prize will need to be collected by the winner from Stories.my office
  • If the winner cannot collect the prize due to distance and location, he / she may appoint someone else to collect it.
  • Stories.my is not obliged to send the prize by mail. 
  • Stories.my reserves the right to change or modify these terms and end the contest as and when needed.
  • By participating, you agree to all the Terms & Conditions listed. 

Indian Hindu Wedding: Dinesh & Harpreet

“It was love at first sight for Dinesh when he met me at a party,” recalls Harpreet.  “I’ve never met someone who expressed interest in me so openly within 5 minutes of meeting each other!” Feeling a tad uncomfortable with the idea of giving him her number, she took his instead, intending to never contact him again. However, fate had different plans and when her only mode of transport home had issues, she called Dinesh for help. He of course, took this chance to ask her out – to which she didn’t decline because he had helped them with the car battery. One meeting turned to two, two turned to three, and seven years later, they got married at the beautiful Palace of the Golden Horses – the same place our founder, Grace got married at in 2006!

Their wedding was full of colour, joy, and also many lovely little details to remember loved ones who had passed.

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Sustainable Weddings

Ever wondered how your wedding could affect the environment? It’s possible to do your part in protecting the earth by having a sustainable wedding! We teamed up with Association of Weddings Professionals Malaysia, EcoKnights, WWF and a group of amazing people to spread this important message through the Knot The Waste campaign in 2019.

Protecting nature is not ONE person’s responsibility. It is OURS. So tie the knot with a sustainable wedding! For yourself, and for our future generations. Here are some ways to make your wedding a sustainable one for our planet.

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Family Portraits: The Full Works

Everyone plays a part in making the family what it is – a place of security and lots of love and laughter! So whenever we’re asked to do family portraits, we take extra effort to spend time with everyone – from the littlest child to the most senior couple. It’s so important that we get to photograph moments between various family members during the shoot. The result? A fantastic collection of of memories to treasure together! Frame these up or print them in an album on your coffee table – you say it, we’ll do it!

Here’s a glimpse from the collection taken with Joyce and her family at our studio.

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