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Pre-Wedding in Melbourne, Australia: Jason and Michelle

Jason and I go back a long way. We were at the university together enrolled in the same course. Jason and a bunch of us used to hang out together those days. Slowly we started to notice Jason pulling the disappearing act on us; which led to one thing – a special someone named Michelle. One thing led to another and fast forward a couple of years now, they are engaged and I was flown to Australia to photograph their pre-wedding photos. It was my first time in Australia for an assignment and Oh boy! the weather there was so unpredictable! I was even blamed by them for bringing the rain over when it was supposed to be sunnier. Oh well, at least there were no sweat at all during the shoot and we had great fun! (apart from some shivers, runny nose and flying hair!)



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DIY Wedding, Sails on the Bay, Melbourne: Jamie & Ann

Photographers: Grace & Alex
Location: Sails on the Bay, Melbourne
Decorations: Ann, Jamie, friends and family who laboriously worked on it

One week after Jamie & Ann’s beautiful chapel wedding in the Gold Coast, Alex and I traveled to Melbourne for her next wedding celebration. It was held at Sails on the Bay, very near Brighton beach (which I later managed to have a peek at… and did some of my own posing in front of those famous colourful Brighton beach houses). The amazing thing about this wedding in Melbourne was that everything was DIY – well, everything except the food and cake. So be prepared for a huge post on details!

Look at this gorgeous venue. I love it how the pre-wedding, wedding in Gold Coast and now Melbourne had a beach theme running through it. Sigh, I wish Malaysian skies looked this good!

Do these flowers and vases look familiar? They were used during the pre-wedding too! All the decorations you see at this wedding were a labour of love. Even Ann’s parents had a hand in it, cutting fresh flowers to put into the vases that Ann purchased before the wedding.

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