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What is Lifestyle Photography?

Do a Google search for a ‘family photographer’ and chances are, you’ll see lifestyle photography as a service too (that’s what we offer as well). “What’s lifestyle photography?” you might wonder.  Well, this article will be addressing that. After this, you can add one more photography term to your vocabulary with confidence and clarity. Most importantly, you’ll know what it means for you!

A lifestyle photographer is someone who documents a person’s lifestyle by capturing photos of their real-life events, situations, or their milestones in an artistic manner. It celebrates the art of the everyday. Many photos you see of other families and couples having the best ‘candid’ moments captured while doing ‘everyday-looking-things’ are often categorised as lifestyle photography. A true lifestyle session is full of candid moments that happen when a photographer gets to follow their subjects to places that they frequently spend time at.

However, what really goes on behind the scenes is that there’s a highly skilled photographer directing all the shots! Many of these ‘candid moments’ don’t happen by themselves, and they may not always happen in places that are meaningful to the people in the photo. The reality is, its usually a photographer’s job to create opportunities for these moments to happen and quickly snap the photo whenever it does. Here are some examples:

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Family Portraits: Dominic & Lyn

Lyn wanted images that are natural, engaging and candid for her family photos. She mentioned to us that her daughter would look unnatural when posing for the camera, so she was hoping that we could catch her playful nature at the park. Well, good news is that children do look their best when they are having fun! We try to make each family session as fun as possible. We encourage you to think of games and activities to do during a photo session so that you come prepared.

Here’s some of our favourites during this session. And I think Lyn’s daughter looks natural even in the posed shots, don’t you think?

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Family Portraits in Desa Park City: Ranjini & Rune

Rune is from Denmark and Ranjini is Malaysian. 10 years ago, they met by chance at the now defunct Bar Savahn in Heritage Row.  It so happened that he was standing at Ranjini’s spot at the bar when she returned from the washroom. That was the first time she saw him and spoke because she wanted her spot back.  He was happy to move a bit but stayed to keep talking. It took Rune 6 months to woo Ranjini because she was not into younger men. Rune said that he was the Danish national salsa champion (not true), and yet 5 years later they got married with the most awesome wedding! Two years after that they had Noah, and another 2 years later, Luna. We were privileged to have met this amazing family in a fun filled photo session in Desa Park City.

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Family Portraits: Edwin, Priscilla, Joseph, Joy-Anne and Isabel

After having done some outdoor family portraits, I realised that it’s not hard to make a photo session enjoyable for the whole family. Here’s some tips to make your family photo session truly a pleasure:

Let us know of the timing when your child is at his/her best mood. That way we’ll be able to work around the baby’s timing. Some babies are happier in the morning after a good night’s rest, while some are better in the evenings.

Bring sufficient drinking water & snacks. Since our Malaysian weather is hot and humid, staying hydrated is crucial! A thirsty/hungry child (or adult, for that matter) can get whiny. ;)

Be on time for shoots. This is important for outdoor shoots especially  as we don’t want to miss the best lighting during the day. The best time in terms of lighting are between 7.30 – 9.30am and 5 – 7pm. It tends to get warmer after 9.30am, which might mean a cranky kid! It’ll also be a shame to miss out on good lighting for your shoot!

Talk to us! Communicate the ideas that you might have for your shoot with us. Some parents might like to have a picnic, while others just want a casual day in the park. Share with us the list of props that you have.

With all the above, I present you… Edwin, Priscilla, Joseph, Joy-Anne and Isabel.

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