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Holy Rosary Church Wedding: Chris & Lydia

It was 2012. Lydia and Chris had just returned to KL from their respective stints studying and working abroad. Chris was in Melbourne for 8 years and Lydia on the other end of the continent in UK for 6 years. It was somehow a simple twist of fate that brought them back to Malaysia at that same time, and to the same company.

They bonded over having to adapt back to the Malaysian lifestyle….chats ranging from anything to everything, including conversations about weird old/new Malaysian coins, crazy Asian bosses, terrible drivers, triple flyovers, having to live with parents, good food, and shopping after 6pm. In the end, those late nights at work paid off for the both of them.

His cheeky and extroverted nature coupled with his knack for planning and organising events attracted Lydia to him. (and Lydia says, it makes her a lucky wife!). Chris says that Lydia may be tough on the outside, but is a total softie at heart. She loves her alone time at home and secretly loves to cook and clean. Which in my opinion, makes for a lucky husband!!

Chris and Lydia had a 2 part wedding – the first was their church wedding at the Holy Rosary Church in Brickfields and a dinner at Grand Hyatt, KL and the second part was a beach wedding at the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi. These set of beautiful images were photographed by Weiming and Nigel. Enjoy part one!

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Catholic Wedding in Brunei: Ben & Michelle

“Ben is probably the most kind and caring person that I have met. He is such a softie that he often feeds strays on the roads or on our travels with our food packed in our bags and will go to great lengths to make sure they are doing ok before we leave.” – Michelle about Ben –

“Michelle is a great storyteller and always recounts her experiences in great detail to anyone who would listen! She is quite acute to people’s emotions and feelings often anticipating what they need and acting on it . She’s content with spending evenings in with a good movie or a good book and  often cries too easily during soppy parts  and hates horror movies (no zombies for her!).” – Ben about Michelle –

20150125_WEDDING_BEN_MICHELLE_01 20150125_WEDDING_BEN_MICHELLE_02Two high school sweethearts

They were quintessentially your typical high school sweethearts. Having grown up in rival schools (Michelle from Catholic school and Ben from the Chinese school next door), they grew closer through participation in church youth activities and ever since Secondary 3, Michelle has had a crush on Ben! Perhaps it was a guy thing, but Ben was totally oblivious to her feelings! :) She  always thought Ben was a pretty cool guy, with an amazing smile and very funny personality.

So for 13 long years, they went through a couple of rough patches as they dated. For 3 years, they went through a long distance relationship (UK & Australia) during their university days. The reality is that, when you date for so long, break ups are bound to happen. They went through 2 heartbreaking years of an ‘on and off’ relationship, but in 2011, felt a real renewed commitment and resurgence in their relationship with both of them working through their individual issues and ultimately coming back together to bring out the best in each other.

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Catholic wedding at Church of Divine Mercy: Lionel & Rebecca

Lionel_Rebecca_001“I had to level up my charm in order to convince her to change her mind…”

Lionel and Rebecca met back in 2006 when they were studying for their Certificate in Legal Practice at the Brickfields Asia College. Unfortunately for Lionel, Rebecca didn’t quite notice him until he made extra effort in charming her with his good looks, intelligence and persistence!

Rebecca: We clicked well but I never thought much of him back then. Not long after, he started to appear at my doorstep unannounced to surprise me. It started with one of our usual MSN conversations and I mentioned that I was craving for an Oreo Mcflurry. About an hour or so later and around 11pm, my doorbell rang – the boy had gone to the nearest McDonalds to get that Oreo Mcflurry and rushed to my place just so that I could have my ice-cream.

I remember being stunned and I felt compelled to invite him in and to share the ice-cream with him since he had come all the way. I also remember being embarrassed because I was dressed in ‘home clothes’ and totally unprepared for visitors at that hour! From then on, Lionel started to surprise me more and did nice things for me. Just before the exam, he bought a whole box of brands essence of chicken to keep me going. Picked me up and gave me a lift to class when I was not feeling well. Even changing seats in class just so he could sit next to me (and ignoring the teasing in the process).

Lionel is a pretty shy and quiet person but clearly, he was not shy in showing that he was interested! Eventually, he expressed his interest with a bouquet of flowers. I was not sure if I was interested at that time but some time later, I decided to give it a go and I’m glad I did.

Throughout our 7 year relationship, we have had way more ups and downs. Lionel is incredibly calm, patient, supportive and kind. He balances the impatient side of me and accepts me for who I am including my faults. He gives the warmest hugs and makes me feel safe. He tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m not looking or feeling it. He tells me “its okay” when I’ve been silly. He makes me laugh. He enjoys going shopping with me. He shows me the respect every girl wants. I cannot get any luckier than that.

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Church Wedding Video Highlight: Oleg & Stephanie

Oleg and Stephanie’s Story

We first crossed paths several years ago at an airport overseas while we were on very different journeys in our lives. At that time, I was facing a particularly challenging time in my life. I was in between jobs and feeling rather hopeless about love. We talked a little and exchanged details.

Oleg was very persistent in getting to know me. He sent me emails often, skyped me several times and eventually we started to speak over the phone. He was trying to convince me that a long distance relationship will work if two people really love each other.

During Christmas of 2012, I could not go home to KL. I was very disappointed. Oleg completely surprised me by showing up in Melbourne. It was during this time that we really got to know each other. We went on our first trip together to Sydney and had an awesome Christmas together. It was such an amazing trip. We spent 3 weeks together, and each time Oleg and I went somewhere romantic, he would whisper into my ear “please be mine”. At the end of that trip, my answer was “yes”.

It was quite challenging moving forward as we loved across miles. Oleg was based in Hawaii and I in Melbourne. We travelled back and forth every couple of months to see each other.

In the winter of 2013, Oleg came to visit me in Melbourne. He was insistent that we take a little trip somewhere. I organized a short weekend gateway to Phillip Island. We were really hoping to make it in time to see the penguins, but unfortunately, while driving there, I had to attend to an urgent work call. There we were, pulled up on the side of the highway while I attended to work. Oleg was so furious that my work had disrupted our little trip and that I even allowed myself to be on call (truth be told, I completely forgot that I was on call that weekend). Little did I realize that I had spoilt his proposal plans. Anyway, we finally reached our destination and he organized for a romantic dinner and towards the end of the evening, he popped the question.

Our relationship has been anything but convenient. But, never once did we feel that this is not worth it. He is my best friend and my true love (Oleg says: She is an amazing woman, my best friend and marrying her is the best thing I have ever done!)

About the Video

Dear Stories team, Thank you for putting together a beautiful video for Oleg and I. We are extremely happy with the final cut. Watching the video brought so many memories back.. at the end of the day, memories are all we have. Thank you for being part of ours.

From Us

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be involved in your special day! We are really happy that everything went well for the both of you on that day. Wishing you a wonderful married life together!

Videographers: Stories Team (Nick, Delvin, Chi Yin)
Church Ceremony: Our Lady of Lourdes, Klang 
Dinner Reception: Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL
Wedding Planner: Mun Tzin of Milestones
Wedding Gown: Vasiliki Couture, Melbourne
Evening Gown: J’adore, Melbourne
Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Shoes of Prey
Photography: Anna-Rina
Make up & Hair: Carmen Ng (morning) and Mabel Toh (evening)
Decorations & Flowers: Wishing Tree
Stationery: Etsy and friends
Cake: Diana Machado
Dinner Entertainment: Small Stones 

From tears to laughter: Philip & Su Lin

The best weddings are those that cause you to either burst into tears or hysterical laughter. Just the energy of the day is enough to turn any sleep-deprived bride into one that is running purely on adrenaline. I love weddings like these. Weddings that exude so much joy and feeling, it makes me smile like a silly girl behind her camera. I loved Philip and Su Lin’s wedding because it just made me feel so alive (despite that silly flu I was suffering from!).


From the word go, everything went beautifully. Philip and Su Lin, you are so loved by your friends and family. I can just see it. The word fun just exudes from the relationships you share with the people around you. Thank you for being so caring and thoughtful, especially when I couldn’t shoot the dinner event because I was too ill to continue.

May you enjoy years of cherished moments together as a couple and with the people that mean the most to you in life.



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