A Grateful Christmas

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It’s true, God’s love is extravagant. God has blessed us abundantly, even more than what I could have imagined. My heart is overflowing with thankfulness…I see the business flourishing, and I know God definitely had a hand in it. Every year, I make it a point to reflect about the year that has passed, and to give thanks for good and bad experiences. In 2010, Stories turned one, and now, we’re two!

Last year, I gave thanks for the 38 wedding & pre-wedding clients that we photographed in 2011. This year, the number of clients increased. Collectively, the Stories team photographed 58 different wedding / pre-wedding clients and 30 other clients for lifestyle portraits & events. On top of that, we had a great year with a number of different corporate projects as well.

Our team grew as well and we now have a strong team of 7 core members with other supporting members. Everyone worked really hard this year and I am thankful for such a wonderful team.

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Santa’s Sock

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love listening to Christmas carols that remind me of Jesus’ birth, receiving and giving presents, and spending time with friends and family. This Christmas I haven’t really had much time to do all of the above as I have been rushing to complete and deliver work to clients after the peak wedding season of 2010. Yesterday, I came down with some flu-ish symptoms but took heaps of Panadol, vitamin C and my mother-in-law’s home made concoction for sore throats – the snakegrass pill (don’t ask me what it is really!). Topped off with a yummy dose of tong yuen (I love those glutinous rice balls!), I am all better already.

I am constantly grateful about what I have in life. God has been good to me all these years, and this year is no exception. I have written a full blog post reflecting about the year that has just passed which will be shared next week. I am so grateful for the clients that have come through my doors, shared their lives with me and given me the privilege of capturing their life through my lens. And for all my blog readers and Facebook supporters who have encouraged me with their words.

Sooooo…. I’d like to give away some pressies to you… And since it is the end of the year when most people are away on holidays or traveling… these pressies are handpicked for you! (you can use them on your honeymoon too!)

1. iTunes gift cards (USD$25 each) – I am a geek and like to share the geeky-ness. You can use it to purchase songs, apps for your iPhone/iPad, and stock up on games like Angry Birds for your trip! I have two of these to give away!

2. Spider Podium – A stand for your iPhone or as a little grip for your small compact camera. Use it in your car, on your office desk, or just bend the legs and attach it to a chair. This is so that you can have an alternative tripod for your mini camera (sorry it won’t hold the weight of a DSLR) or just increase your cool factor.

3. TSA Locks – Keep your items secure when you travel. Something practical and can be used in ANY country in the world. Two to give away too.

4. Microbites – When traveling, something like this is really handy. Especially if you are on a backpacking trip across Vietnam or Cambodia! You will always have a spoon/fork/knife with you.

5. M Rock camera strap – While on holiday, you also need a trusty camcorder or camera strap. It’s lightweight but strong!

So, how do you get these gifts? All you have to do is leave a message for me… Share what you love about the Stories brand and one area we can improve on. You can comment on this blog post, on the Stories Facebook page or on Twitter (@StoriesMY).

I’ll select the seven best answers and will be randomly selecting the gift for you. Entries will be accepted until 31 December 2010. Merry Christmas!

It’s a MadWorld out there…

Life, as they say, is unpredictable. One day, you could be traveling to work, as usual, stopping by the local bakery to buy your favourite muffin, and the next day, a tragedy like 9-11 happens. In a world where catastrophe happens on an almost daily basis, how are we to make sense of it all? Have we become numb to the things that are going on out there?

Or do I only care about where I will be having dinner tonight… sushi or Italian? Whether to buy Coach or LV? Which movies to watch, what to do after work…?

I know that it’s impossible to lead a completely self-less life, but I am constantly challenged to do things that matter in life. Whether it is volunteering to take photos at a HIV institution, cleaning people’s homes after the tsunami, or just feeding an old lady in a home… I believe that every action counts.

And so, the message in MadWorld really resonates with my soul. This amazing dance & song choreography, performed by talented individuals is the joint production between two churches – SIBKL & DUMC. The production raises this long debated question… “What indeed is the worth of our souls?”

The energy and passion that is in this production is truly inspiring. I know for a fact that the performers have sacrificed hours and hours of their time practicing for this production, debuting this 3rd of December in DUMC. The event is open to all and entrance is free.

A month ago, the performers, creative team, band members and many others gathered in an abandoned house in KL for a photo shoot. It was a challenging shoot for me, as I had to evoke the right kind of emotion through the images, which would be used for all marketing materials and brochures. Check out the poster below for the performance times, or visit the official MadWorld website.

The singers

The dancers

The four main cast – Adam, Lucas, Pearly and Sinister

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