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The Wedding Trailer: Andrew & Katrina

Andrew and Katrina’s wedding will be an epic one this Oct. They’ve blocked us for 3 entire weekends for their wedding celebrations, two in KL and one on Naka Island, near Phuket, Thailand. We can’t wait to share their pre-wedding photos as well, but that will come after it is previewed on the wedding day. But I hope this wedding trailer filmed by Chi Yin will give you a taste of the craziness that is to come!!

Thank you for taking care of us so well, Andrew and Katrina! We are sooooo excited to be part of your wedding team, and can’t wait for the big day to come! Lots of love from all of us here.

Videographer: Chi Yin
Photographer: Grace & Jamie
Location: Botanical Gardens Singapore, Beach near East Coast Park, City shots near Marina Bay Sands
Hair & Make up: Michelle Touche

Lifelong Travel Partners: The Wedding of Tjin & Dawn

It was in January 2011 that Tjin met Dawn for the first time through his close friend, Lynsey. Lynsey and Dawn were close, childhood friends in Singapore. Interestingly, Tjin and Dawn’s first point of contact was an unintentional ‘romantic’ Singapore river cruise overlooking Singapore’s city lights. So, Facebook did it again… it connected Tjin and Dawn after that first encounter in Singapore. Their Facebook messages soon turned to Whatsapp messages which then transformed to Skype calls.

This is where it gets interesting. Since 5th January 2011, Tjin and Dawn communicated EVERY SINGLE day, whether it was early in the morning or late at night. But it was a grey kind of relationship for the first 6 months. Were they friends, or were they friends? It would seem obvious though that Tjin’s purchases of flowers for Valentine’s day and whenever Dawn was sick would indicate more than just a friendship. But still, it was not really clear.

Over the first 6 months, they grew to like each other’s personalities and qualities…but one thing was missing… meeting that ‘head’ image with a more concrete ‘face-to-face’ encounter. So June 2011, Tjin decided to make a trip to Singapore, and together with friends, they embarked on this Singapore – KL – Lombok – Hong Kong – Singapore adventure. It was during that trip that Tjin decided to end the uncertainty, and asked Dawn to be his girlfriend in Hong Kong.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_32Tjin made a promise to Dawn that he would visit as often as he can. This resulted in a long list of flights every 2-3 months over three years – becoming Jetstar’s unofficial number one customer. Some trips were long trips to Hanoi, Bali, Seoul or KL. Some trips to Singapore were only 3 nights over the weekend. Many exciting hellos, and equally as many heartbreaking goodbyes. Dawn would also visit Melbourne at least once a year. Story of their lives for 3 years.

So finally, in March 2013, Dawn visited Melbourne and was put on a surprise flight to Launceston, Tasmania. It was there that Tjin asked Dawn to marry him over a romantic dinner. He made a photo scrapbook of their travels and adventure together, but the last 2 pages were blank. It was meant to be continued!

Congratulations, Tjin and Dawn! I am really happy for the both of you! Sorry I couldn’t be there to witness the wedding, but seeing the images taken by Johan and Weiming, and also the video by Nick, Delvin & Felicia made me feel as if I was there.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_46Watch the Fusion slideshow of their wedding here.

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Wedding at St Andrew’s Church: Greg & Amanda

Greg and I first met at a wedding years ago when I was new in the industry as a photographer. He was in a band, and I seriously don’t recall much of our meeting, but years later, Greg meets me and tells me… “We met there. I remember you took a really nice photo of our band.” Well, I was glad that I made such an impression, because that led to us photographing Greg and Amanda’s wedding at the quaint and highly coveted venue, St Andrew’s Church in KL.

I love how both Greg and his brother Chris (who is a well-known theatre director in KL) are equally fun and theatrical (pun intended!). They have lots of wonderful facial expressions, which makes for great photography. On his wedding day, Greg, being the extroverted person that he is, outspoke Amanda during his speech. Good thing is that she complements him in her own seemingly quiet little way.

They first met at a church camp when Amanda was only 12, and Greg… well, let’s say, he was much older. Fast forward years later, and they bumped into each other again… now, both working as lawyers (correction, Greg told Amanda he was a partner…good move!). When you’re in school, age means the world when you’re dating, but now… Amanda is a grown up woman, beautiful and mature.

You have to watch more of their wedding highlights to find out more about this cute couple, including hearing Greg’s wonderful singing voice. Greg and Amanda, thank you for inviting us to be part of your beautiful day. I love connecting with couples like you guys who make our work feel like such a joy. Thank you for your friendship!

To our viewers, sorry for the massive post! It was just soooo hard to cut down on our favourite images!

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Wedding Video Highlight: Ching Siang & Stephanie

They see each other as opposites, but with differences that naturally complement each other. Stephanie laughs a lot and is really expressive. Ching Siang on the other hand, claims to have lips that are way too small which means that he can’t laugh as loudly as Stephanie. He’s a perfectionist, a thinker… but… someone who is always late (which irritates Stephanie who’s a really punctual person). Good thing for Ching Siang – he was on time on his wedding day!

Their story began while they were in primary school… they were classmates for 6 years and she being the basketball team player… soon caught Ching Siang’s attention. He was an unknown geeky guy sitting in the corner in class (with big fat glasses too!), just noticing her from afar. Years later, they met again in Melbourne, and that’s when they began to get to know each other a lot better.

The proposal happened on top of a hot air balloon overlooking the city of Melbourne witnessed by a basketful of strangers. It was successful, because within a second of his proposal, she nodded enthusiastically!

Ching Siang and Stephanie, thank you for giving us the opportunity to record your story! :)


Videographers: Stories (King, Lester & Felicia)
Dinner Reception: Berjaya Times Square Hotel
Wedding & Evening Gown: I am a Bride
Groom’s Attire: Sparksmanshop
Make up & Hair: Jane Lee
Flowers: Wishing Tree
Photography: Jon Low
Dinner Entertainment: Queenie Chan (emcee) & Aurora Live Band

Church Wedding Video Highlights: Ch’ng Toh & Evelyn


“On this date, I will marry my best friend…..the one I laugh with, live for, dream with & love”

On 16 October 2012, he asked me to begin this crazy life together as husband and wife. God beautifully scripted our romance approximately 10 years ago. Ours wasn’t the usual love story. Not love at first sight or fancy romance. Instead it was steadily slow and it gets more beautiful year after year. Dating for 10 years certainly didn’t feel as thou it has been 219,000 minutes!

We met because of fishing! He convinced my all weather friend Lydia to fish at a pond nearby my home. Halfway thru it rained heavily. To seek shelter, she asked him to stop by my home. He stood outside and analyzed the fishes in my pond. He introduced himself and said nothing else. Once my friend got changed, they left. That was our first hello. Frankly, I laughed after he left…what a name!

3 months later, we met at Taylors Subang Jaya. Different streams but same pre-uni programme.  As we had common friends, we had lunches as a group. After class I had to walk home and one day, he offered to take me home via his daily taximan. A woman never hesitates a free ride! (moreover it was hot that day). We started talking on the phone; once a week became twice, twice became every other day.

6 months later….

Ch’ng Toh :     Do I have a girlfriend?

Evelyn :           I think so kua….

(Who on earth asks in this manner?)

And yes, that was 10 years ago….

I furthered my studies in Sydney whilst he stayed here. Thereafter, he came over for 3 years to complete his studies. When we got back, I practiced law whilst he worked with his dad. I switched career paths and joined the retail scene a year back. To date, I’ve left my job and opened a Hong Kong dessert place; Tong Pak Fu at Mid Valley & Paradigm Mall.

We are H.A.P.P.Y! Can’t ask for more and we don’t cling to each other like cling wraps!

His love for fishing has multiplied 10 folds since. He travels just to cast his rod into the ocean, pond and pool. (anything that contains water)

As for me, Scrapbooking is my passion…& whilst in the midst of preparing for my big day, I found a new love for weddings and thus found Moments together with Tricia. The Lord is my rock, shopping is my obsession and I love human interaction.

10 years now and everyday we’re still learning new lessons. Our relationship isn’t perfect. However, despite the idiosyncrasies, we choose to stay in love and take each step and hurdle as it comes along as a steppingstone for us to live the rest of our lives appreciating each other.

He has taught me to love with all my heart and take care of each other. Thou he’s not Mr. Romantic, never given flowers or made anything but he surely makes up for it with every smile, every song, every hug and kiss. He thinks of my in everything that he does. He brings me fishing lures to brighten my day, he calls me a thousand times just to say hello and he stands by me truly in sickness & health. Therefore….

“On this date, I will marry my best friend…..the one I laugh with, live for, dream with & love”

– Evelyn –


Videographers: The Stories team (Felicia, Wee Liem, Nick)
Church Ceremony: Luther Centre, PJ
Dinner Reception & Cake: Istana Hotel, KL
Wedding Planner, Decorations, Stationery & Flowers: Moments To Remember
Wedding & Evening Gown: Eleusis
Groom’s Attire: Sparksmanshop
Make Up: Joy Chong
Photographer: Victor Hew
Dinner Entertainment: Mosaic Music Entertainment & Melissa Chye