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A dog named Prince and a lot of love: Jeremy & Sarah

Shortly after Jeremy and Sarah tied the knot, they decided on a little portrait session involving their two dogs as they weren’t there during the wedding. As an animal lover myself, I can imagine how much this means to them! Unfortunately, about a week before the shoot, one of the dogs passed away, and Sarah was devastated. So only Prince made it for the shoot. He was such an easy model, they must have bribed him with lots of goodies before the shoot started! Love how he is soooo photogenic (I guess Jeremy and Sarah, you guys look quite ok too! :P)

Personally, I think having a post-wedding shoot is quite a good idea. You feel more relaxed, and you had all the posing practice at your actual wedding! (Thanks Johan and Nigel!) There is less stress to ‘perform’ so that everything is perfect. Thanks Jeremy and Sarah, for making the shoot so enjoyable. Glad you love the photos!


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Thoughts on Photographing Pets

We all love our pets, don’t we? We treat them like a member of the family and because we love them so much, we want to take pictures of them. My cat, Cashmere had kittens during Chinese New Year and the kittens have brought a lot of joy to my family. So last Saturday, I decided to have my take on pet photography- not something that I normally do. It turned out to be quite a fun, yet challenging task!

I am not a pro at this, but here’s some tips for pet photography, which I’ve gathered from this experience.

#1. Sedate your pets before the shoot so they will stay still.

I’m kidding! :D

#1. Photograph your pets in their comfort zone. 

I am sure your pets have their regular “hang out” spots. In my case, my kittens love to play around in my living room, which is where I photographed them. I tried bringing them out to my car porch, thinking there would be more light and space for them to play around but they were just awkward out there. We stayed indoors, but I opened the windows to allow lots of natural light in so I get equally good lighting.

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Some Family Portraits (of the other kind)

It’s very normal that certain members of the family get neglected when it comes to taking photos. It’s not easy when your family members don’t want to cooperate even when you offer a treat to them. I’d like to introduce a few extended members of my family but unfortunately, I don’t have many nice photos of them.

This is Tanya (or Tania). She greets me everyday when I go to work, or when I get back from work. She’s young, excitable and sometimes likes to jump on me and land her paws on my outfit, especially when it’s white. When I scream her name, “Tanya, stop it!” she does it again, looking rather proud at her scuff marks on my dress. Other times, she chews my slippers or shoes, and then gets a prompt beating from Alex. He lost the straps to his Crocs that way. Tanya belongs to my in-law’s and is supposed to be a guard dog, but so far, she has failed at her duties. Guests who come by are promptly greeted with a grin and a tail wag.

This is Chino. The photo was taken by my friend Eugene some time back. Chino used to live with me, but now he’s freeloading at my sister’s house (while my home is being renovated). Chino likes to run and attack if he thinks you’re fun to play with. Hands and feet are for biting, he says. Oh, and my claws are hurting you? Sorry but I can’t help myself.

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