Langkawi Portraiture Shoot

I am so excited to share this set of photos. They are special because it features really really cool people from the wedding industry. People whom I work with, and people I admire. Ever since meeting Kee Sitt, Sharon, Mark and Ian, the colours of my life has doubled drastically. Not to forget, Alex too! They add so much fun to my life, and I truly cherish the friendships that have been built over this one year. They have challenged me in my art, my thinking, how to run my business, marketing it, to creating wacky ideas and then executing it.

Through these relationships, I’m glad to have known Mun Tzin and Lai Yeen too. Thank you for being so generous with your love and support. We took so many lovely shots that day, it was hard choosing favourites. These are my personal favs from the collection. Photos were taken by Mark, Ian, Kee Sitt, Alex and myself. Unfortunately 2 other people could not be with us on this trip as they were overseas – Choon Ean & Chua who are part of the video team.

First up… Kee Sitt and Sharon!




2nd: Mark & Mun Tzin. I love this shot of Mun Tzin.


20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_146.jpg 20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_498.jpg

Yummy flares! And these next 2 shots are just soooo like Mark & Mun Tzin.

20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_218.jpg 20090725_WS_LANGKAWI_RETREAT_219.jpg

They have extra photos featured here since they are getting married next year! :)


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Pre-Wedding Portraits: Amri & Daphne

He was the Malaysian club president in university. She was the secretary. Apparently they attended the same high school and college in Malaysia but funnily enough, they only got to know each other during university in the UK. One of her first thoughts of him was “Isn’t he my senior from highschool? What is he doing here in the same university?!” whereas his thoughts were “She’s quite a cute secretary. Must try to have some personal meetings with her to discuss about¬† ‘work’! ” After numerous encounters, they discovered a spark for each other. And then they started dating. Now, 6 years later, Amri and Daphne have jumped through many hurdles and have finally tied the knot!

Here are some photos from their pre-wedding session. The akad nikah shots will be coming up soon in another post!!

20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_044 20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_053


Amri is so cute. He loves making faces at Daphne and she keeps telling him to “stop it!”





20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_084 20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_093



20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_125 20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_127



I love the Malay / Chinese elements in the next few photos. So representative of their relationship. :)



20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_188 20090526_pre-wedding_amri_daphne_171





Jack & LeAnne – Pre-Wedding at Putrajaya

I’ve been to Putrajaya a number of times but all this while, I’ve never shot there before. So when Jack and LeAnne requested for a pre-wedding shoot in Putrajaya, I thought, ok where to start!? There’s just too many buildings and too many choices. The best thing about Putrajaya as I discovered was the lalang. Plentiful of good lalang to take shots in! :) We started our shoot in the afternoon and carried on till after sunset. I love how Putrajaya looks at night, it’s just a completely different feeling to the day shots.

Jack and LeAnne seem quite at ease in front of the camera. Jack is into photography as well, so Leanne’s pretty good at posing in front of the camera. She has had practice. :) It’s easy to make her look good on camera because she is super photogenic. I’ll be shooting their wedding in Ipoh this coming week, so am looking forward to that!



20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_025 20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_030

Don’t they look gorgeous together? Her laughter is so infectious.


Her gorgeous gown is from our vendor partner That Special Occasion. You can choose from a variety of gowns when you book a pre-wedding session with us.

20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_050 20090604_pre-wedding_jack_leanne_053






I don’t usually shoot pre-weddings on my own because it’s a lot easier when you have someone holding a flash or light for you! This time round, I had 2 with me – Nigel Sia who recently joined the Wedding Story team and Hafiz Ismail who tagged along that day. Thanks Hafiz for pointing the way to good lalang. :) Here’s a funny shot of the both of them clowning around!


The sunset in Putrajaya that day was absolutely stunning! I haven’t seen such a good sunset within 50 km radius of KL for quite some time.








Mark & Mun Tzin’s Engagement

It’s really so exciting whenever I hear proposal plans, and even more so when you are involved in it! Tonight, Alex and I had the privilege of witnessing Mark’s proposal to Mun Tzin at House & Co in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Mark is one of Wedding Story’s key photographers and an extremely good friend of ours. For weeks, we discussed proposal ideas and thought of what to do to make the proposal exciting.

Mark even thought of proposing during the recent ShootFest! But in the end, he decided to do it in the company of his closest friends. The idea was that Mark, Mun Tzin, Alex and I were supposed to be filming and photographing another couple’s proposal. The couple (Boon Keat & Melody) are close friends of Mark’s, and he had convinced Mun Tzin that Wedding Story was hired to cover the event. So we went to BSC today… Munz did not suspect a thing! In fact, Mark had bought a bouquet of flowers for Munz but told her that it was from Boon Keat for Melody. She even carried her own bouquet to the proposal location unsuspectingly!

As she was focusing her camera on the guy proposing, he opened this sheet of paper with the words, “Look at Mark now”… Munz was stunned! She turned to Mark, and there he was, on his knees! We got the entire proposal on video, so we’ll upload it sometime soon!

Well needless to say, she said yes!! Here are just a few photos from this momentous event tonight. This is Boon Keat, pretending to propose to Melody!


They are a really really happy couple. So happy for the both of you!




The couple Boon Keat and Melody


Just one of Munz and Mark’s funny faces.


Engagement: Alfred & Geeta

Geeta is an old school mate of mine which I haven’t seen since I left high school yonkers ago (I feel old!). But with the wonders of the internet, we managed to get in touch again after all those years. I met Alfred for the first time about 1-2 weeks before their engagement on the 31st of August. What a lovely date to get engaged! Malaysia’s independence day, and now, Alfred and Geeta’s engagement day!

I am truly honoured that they chose me to shoot their engagement ceremony, and in Dec, their wedding. This is my first Hindu ceremony, and what a joy to shoot the event! Everything was just so colourful – which suits my personality just fine!

Thank you Alfred and Geeta for such opening your lives to me, and for being such a wonderful couple, but most of all, friend. There are so many wonderful photos from the ceremony, and it’s hard to choose my favourites, but here are a few (or rather, a lot!) of photos from that day. The rest will be uploaded onto the Wedding Story website soon!

Doesn’t Geeta look absolutely stunning!?

I love the flowers and how it’s all done up, I wonder if it’s heavy?

Aaaw, such a wonderful couple shot. Thanks to Alex who held the off camera flash for me.

The entire ‘stage’ where the ceremony was held. I didn’t know how grand it would look till I arrived at the temple!

The priest first performed some rites with both sides of the parents before Alfred and Geeta stepped up into the lime light.

She was absolutely joyful that day. And so was Alfred. I could just see the love radiating from them!


Looking forward to your wedding in December!

– Grace –