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Family Studio Photo Shoot: Aaron & Jamie

Aaron and Jamie are friends of ours and we also took their pre-wedding photos in the past. As a couple, they love pandas. But when Joseph came along, he decided penguins were his thing. As you can see, this kid is full of personality! His mum describes him as “Extrovert, cheeky and talkative after warming up. Can be pretty loud and he has an infectious laughter. Warm and affectionate when in good mood… can be pretty bossy at times too.”

The funniest part was when she told us,

“Joseph looked at our wedding portraits and asked where is Joseph? So it’s time to take some family pic and add a nice canvas to the wall!”

That line pretty much sums up this family photo session at our studio!

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The Happy Japanese family: Yuki & Aki

Last year, we participated at the 9th Private International School Fair in Midvalley and met Yuki there at our booth. We had a great time just chatting and connecting and on that day itself, he booked a photography session with us. This really cute Japanese family loves Malaysia so much, they are considering making this their 2nd home under the Malaysian My Second Home program! It always amazes me when I meet expats who love Malaysia so much they want to make it their home. Despite the challenges our nation faces, I am still proud to be Malaysian. This is a place where many opportunities abound.

Here are some of my favourites from Yuki and Aki’s session.

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Family Portraits: Sara, Charles & Kayne

Sara is a close friend of my sister’s, and I’ve known her for many years (since I was still wearing school pinafores). My initial impression of her as I was growing up was that she came across as a pretty ‘garang’ or fierce person, but once you get to know her, she’s really friendly. Sara has since moved from Malaysia to Beijing and has been living there for many years now. Charles is a really warm person too, and I’m glad to have been able to photograph their family while they were back for a holiday during the Chinese New Year season.

Kayne is super duper cute. He has this way of weaving into your heart and leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Gee, that nose biting thing looks scary!

Luckily Charles’ nose still looks pretty good after that good biting session.

After all that excitement, we settled down for some reading time.

But Kayne would not sit still. Sara kept ‘bribing’ him with ideas of “A good roti canai breakfast if you behave!” phrases.

Lastly, I discovered that Kayne is a pretty good actor too. We told him to look ‘cool’ and this was the look he gave us…